About Edwin Siebesma

Edwin Siebesma is founder of MeetingKing, a web based meeting productivity and task management application. If you want more productive and effective meetings, go to http://meetingking.com. Edwin has more than 20 years of senior executive experience, believes in a hands-on management style and enjoys bringing structure and focus to chaotic organizational processes. Prior to starting MeetingKing in 2010, Edwin was CEO of WinZip.

One more secret to better meetings – less people

Wall Street Journal video on less people - better meetings

Many of us remain frustrated by the time we waste in meetings. In an article a few years back we published some interesting statistics on the time and money wasted in meetings. Unfortunately for most organizations this has not improved. Often the problem is limited preparation and no follow-up. Meeting organizers who started using MeetingKing have reported enormous time savings and a much higher success rate in task completion than when using other tools. So if you are not using MeetingKing at the moment try it now for free. However in addition to better meeting preparation and follow-up, there is … Continue reading

Linda saves at least 8 to 10 hours of work per month and accomplishes more thanks to MeetingKing.

Linda saves time with MeetingKing

About Colourtech Colourtech is a South African printing and publishing company mainly focused on publications for education (http://www.colourtech.co.za/). They are a major player in Southern Africa and employ around 150 people. The organization has been using MeetingKing in all departments. In this story you will read about the experience of Linda Ingram VP of sales who uses it for all her sales team meetings, management meetings and client meetings. The problem As VP of sales, Linda leads a weekly sales team meeting which takes place in the office and has various project management meetings which are usually handled over the … Continue reading

Manage tasks directly from your email

mark task complete directly from email

Many task management tools try to replace email. While that in itself is a great goal, the reality is that many people assign and manage their tasks through email. After trying a new task management tool, most slide back in the old habit of sending emails back and forth, which is not a productive way of actually managing their tasks. We made it easy for you; with MeetingKing you can create and manage tasks directly from your email, while keeping your task manager up-to-date! Mark tasks complete directly from email When you create a task in MeetingKing (during a meeting, … Continue reading

The secret to enjoying a relaxed evening

In this fast paced world everyone is really busy. The big question is, are you busy with the right things? At the end of your day, did you actually accomplish something? The easiest way to be more productive and focus on meaningful work is to have a check or task list. This daily task list helps you to plan your day and at the end of the day you can take another quick look and feel good about everything you accomplished. MeetingKing has a hidden tool to help you accomplish more during your busy day. I use it every day, … Continue reading

Back to school, back to work – start with productive meetings

The end of summer is the beginning of meeting season again. This can be painful, but it does not have to be that way. With the new note taking, MeetingKing can help you create your meeting agenda and write minutes faster than ever before. Watch the video and try it for yourself. If you don’t like watching videos, just follow these steps. Switch to Free Form You can make notes, log decisions and assign tasks fast, without ever leaving your keyboard. Start a new item with one of the shortcodes. Just type two letters and you have changed the type: … Continue reading

New: Restore / Undelete

Restore deleted information in MeetingKing

Have you ever deleted anything accidentally? From now on that will not be a problem in MeetingKing. MeetingKing now offers a restore / undelete feature Any meeting, topic, subtopic, task, note or decision that you deleted can now be restored. Just click the restore icon in the main navigation, select the item you want to restore and you are back in business!   Deleted items will be available for restoring for 30 days after deletion. Other enhancements Good software has to be a pleasure to use, and improving UI speed and limiting the number of keyboard strokes required will make … Continue reading

New: Powerful search and other task management tools

New advanced task search

Productive meetings lead to tasks and to help you manage those tasks even more effectively, we have added some very powerful search and filter functionality. You can now filter and search your tasks by: Keyword Task owner Project, department, tag Due date Date completed Date created Person who created the task You can use only one field or make combinations. Managing your tasks has never been easier. Task tip 1: Sortable single column view Did you know that you can change your task view from the default three columns to a sortable one column presentation? Click the “Eye” icon and … Continue reading

See how Talasi uses MeetingKing to ensure continuity in her meetings


Talasi Hendel is Director of Solutions Realization of InfraWare, Inc., a healthcare documentation technology provider located in Indiana. Talasi and her colleagues at InfraWare have been using MeetingKing for more than 2 years, since January 2014, to streamline their meetings and manage their tasks. Talasi has been giving us a lot of very constructive feedback that helps us to continue to improve the MeetingKing service. Challenges In her role of Director of Solutions Realization, Talasi wears many different hats. She coordinates with the development team to manage new development projects, functions as business analyst for future development of the products, … Continue reading

New: the fastest way ever to make meeting notes

Fastest way to make note and write minutes

Making notes during a meeting and writing your meeting minutes has never been easier and faster. We have a completely NEW note taking page and it is now available in beta. The new note taking page is much faster and more flexible. You can change items at any time, you can easily insert new items and by using shortcuts you will be able to take notes and assign tasks faster than ever. Watch the video to see how you can work faster and save time. Here is a screenshot to give you an impression of the looks Note this page … Continue reading

How to keep your task list manageable

managing tasks in dashboard

First of all a healthy and happy 2016 to everyone! A new start, with a clean slate. If your list of tasks has grown over the last year, then now is a good time to clean it up. Here are some tips. The success of task management tools depend on the number of tasks you actually complete. A task was created for a reason and you should either complete it or delete it. Many task management implementations fail because the list becomes too long and unmanageable. MeetingKing has great build-in tools to keep your list manageable and get things done. … Continue reading

Check out our latest iPad app

attach photos to notes & tasks

Still carrying your laptop to meetings? Or worse are you still making notes on a piece of paper? Make your life easy and try the updated MeetingKing iPad app. MeetingKing is the fastest way to make notes, assign tasks and create beautiful minutes. Just write down short bullets during the meeting and MeetingKing will take care of the rest. Your team will be impressed! Did you know that with the iPad app you can easily attach photo’s to your notes and tasks? Super practical for your whiteboard. No need to copy everything you wrote down on the board, simply take … Continue reading

iPad App – quick fix for iOS 9

Recently Apple made iOS 9 available on the iPad. While this new OS has many great enhancements, its default settings make it impossible to create an agenda and write notes in the meeting workspace of the MeetingKing iPad app. While we are working on a permanent fix for this, you can use the current version of the iPad app as you did before, by simply changing a setting. All you have to do is disable the “Shortcuts” keyboard. You can disable the “Shortcuts” keyboard as follows: Go to Settings Select General Select Keyboard Disable Shortcuts Now you can use the … Continue reading

MeetingKing on iPad, now even more powerful.

meetings notes and agenda on ipad

Earlier this year we released the MeetingKing iPad app and now an exciting new version with user requested enhancements is available. Just as in the web application you can easily manage all your meetings and tasks on the iPad and, most importantly, it offers a convenient interface to make your meeting notes and assign tasks. All you have to do during the meeting is write short “twitter style” bullets on your iPad and MeetingKing will transform those into professional meeting minutes, which you can send immediately after the meeting. For your meetings, there is no need to print an agenda. … Continue reading

More powerful follow-up meetings: copy topics

The most loved feature of MeetingKing is now even more powerful: You can now copy topics in follow-up meetings Linking one or more meetings together for task follow-up, makes MeetingKing an extremely powerful management tool. In addition to adding an updated task summary with tasks from previous meeting(s) to your new agenda and copying meeting details (list of participants, the projects, tags and the location), you can now also select which topics you want to copy from the previous meeting to the new one. When you select to copy a topic to your new agenda, the notes, decisions and tasks … Continue reading

New: summary of all meeting decisions

Many of you asked and we listened; you can now see a summary of all your decisions. All decisions are listed on a new decisions page. You can sort your list of decisions by date and by meeting. To find any relevant decision, you can zoom in by project, department, tag and/or person. You can also do a quick and easy keyword search. Just as you can download tasks in an XLS file, you can also download a list with decisions. To activate the decisions page, simply click on the “More+” link in the main navigation and select “Decisions”. If … Continue reading

More Flexibility with Agenda and Minutes Documents

include & exclude links and comments in agenda and minutes

Since the beginning of the year you can download your agenda or minutes document in Word DOCX format, so you can customize the final document to your specification. Now we have made some great enhancements and improved the flexibility to the PDF versions. Include or exclude comments and links to MeetingKing workspace Sometimes you want to make it easy for everyone involved to access the meeting workspace in MeetingKing for easy collaboration and other times you want to send just an agenda or minutes document. Now you can select if you want to include the link to the meeting workspace … Continue reading

Work smarter with new dashboard

Work smarter with the MeetingKing dashboard

Efficient people do not work harder, they work smarter. Working smart starts with having a clear overview of what needs to be done. The new dashboard in MeetingKing gives you a clear overview so you can work smarter. You can quickly see what needs to be done: today tomorrow and what is overdue Information is organized by: tasks you have to do tasks others have to do for you meetings By default it shows all tasks and meetings, and just as for the meetings and tasks pages, you can easily zoom in on one project or person. In addition you … Continue reading

Select who receives your comment – New feature

select who receives emailed comment

The ability to comment on tasks is a very powerful feature popular by many of our users. Comments are great: to check on the status of a task to discuss additional details to deliver the requested information or files What is more, these comments are directly visible in the meeting workspace and in the agenda of your follow-up meeting. Throughout the application you have all updates right at your finger tips. It makes MeetingKing a true collaboration tool. Now we have made it even better. In the past, ALL followers of a task would receive an email message when a … Continue reading

New: Recording Meeting Attendance

meeting attendance recording dialog

You asked, we listened! You can now record meeting attendance. Simply click the attendance icon, click the attendance icon behind person’s name to change the status and MeetingKing will update your minutes document. Click attendance icon in the main navigation bar (organizer only) Click attendance icon to mark present or absent (organizer only) Your minutes document will report the attendance If you require commitment and accountablility, recording and documenting meeting attendance is important. Based on the number of requests we received for this feature, many of you knew that already! Another step to help you have better meetings………. with less … Continue reading

How long should a meeting be?

clock - how long should a meeting be

When scheduling a meeting most people do not give too much thought to how long the meeting should take. When you create a meeting in Google Calendar or Outlook the default is one hour and many people just leave it at that. Since some attendees tend to show up late, you may as well schedule enough time. Or not? Meeting cost It is obvious that keeping meetings short will save your company money. Here are a few examples of the cost of a typical meeting per hour (not taking into consideration travel etc). Sales team meeting Manager meeting Senior management … Continue reading

MeetingKing on the go – iPad App now live!

Get MeetingKing in Apple App Store

Running from meeting room to meeting room …. with your iPad Visiting customers …. with your iPad At night preparing tomorrow’s meetings on the couch …. with your iPad Now this is all super efficient with the ALL NEW MeetingKing iPad App. Prepare your meetings, make notes, send minutes, assign and manage tasks with a clean familiar Apple iPad interface. Of course all information is synced in the MeetingKing database so on your iPad you can access the same information as on your PC and vice versa. Get is now at the Apple App Store We think it looks really … Continue reading

New: Google Calendar Integration (2 way syncing)

MeetingKing calendar view synced with google calendar

Hurray, another feature to help you have better meetings – with less work: Automatic two way syncing with Google Calendar After activation, all your events in Google Calendar will show up in your MeetingKing calendar and clicking any of those events will automatically create an agenda and notes page for that event. MeetingKing will copy the title, list of participants, date, time and location. All you have to do is prepare your agenda (make sure you use templates) and write your notes! The integration also works the other direction. Any meeting in MeetingKing will automatically be added to your Google … Continue reading

New: Meeting Minutes and Agenda in DOCX format

Meeting minutes in MS Word DOCX created by MeetingKing

After adding the ability to download your task list in XLSX format you can now also download your Agenda and Minutes documents in Microsoft Word DOCX format. MeetingKing already created great agendas and minutes in PDF format, but sometimes you may want to make some minor (layout) modifications to meet certain legal requirements. Now you can by simply downloading your agenda or minutes in DOCX and opening the document in MS Word or Google docs. Why use MeetingKing instead of writing your agenda and minutes in Word? Using MeetingKing is much more efficient, it saves time and automates the entire … Continue reading

The Importance of Following Up on Meetings

How often have you found yourself back in the same meeting that you were in a few weeks ago discussing the same problems and having a strange sense of déjà vu? Unfortunately this is a very common problem that occurs with meetings, especially when tasks are not followed up on and no follow up meeting is held. These are mistakes commonly made in many organizations, and the good news is that they are very easy to correct. Take Notes and Circulate Them One of the easiest and most important activities that you can undertake in your meeting to make sure … Continue reading

New: Export task list in Excel xlsx format

manage tasks in excel

Right before the holiday break we have more great news: Export your tasks to an Excel file. MeetingKing has a great tasks page, but sometimes you just want to work with your tasks in an other application or want to have a backup of all your tasks. Now you can. In your tasks page simply click the Download Button and we will send you an email with your task list in an xlsx file. Now you can open your tasks list in Excel, Google apps and many other applications. Manage your MeetingKing task list in Excel, Google Sheet, etc If … Continue reading

Become a Beta Tester for New MeetingKing iPad App

MeetingKing ipad beta

Exciting news: we are wrapping up the development for the MeetingKing native iPad app. We have been doing a lot of testing already, but before we publish it in the Apple App store we would like to have as many of you as possible to try it. You can spend as much or as little time on it as you like, even just playing with it for 10 minutes and giving your feedback is already very helpful. Be one of the first to work with the new iPad app and sign up now to become a Beta tester.

More than 100,000 meetings and 1 million tasks!

Thank you for helping us reach this great milestone: More than 100,000 meetings and more than 1 million tasks! It is very rewarding to know that we are working on a tool that helps so many people around the globe save time and accomplish more. Help us spread the word, the more users we have, the more we can invest to make MeetingKing even better. Coming up soon: the possibility to download your agenda and minutes in Word DOCX format and the ability to download your tasks in an Excel XLSX file.

10 Biggest mistakes people make while attending a meeting

Don't waste your time in meetings

Many people think meetings are a waste of time but that is probably because they are making the 10 biggest mistakes while attending a meeting. Meetings can be highly productive as long as the time is used effectively. Share this list with your team and you will have more effective meetings. 1. Not having a goal The number one mistake that meeting goers make is not having a goal of what they want to get from the meeting. Without a goal the meeting really does become purposeless. Avoid this by reviewing the meeting beforehand and understanding what you hope to … Continue reading

How to Have an Effective Sales Call

For an effective sales call prepare and follow-up. MeetingKing can help.

Sales calls are the lifeblood of any sales person’s job. Handling sales calls well means the difference between securing business for your organization and failing to close a single deal. Getting organized in advance and prepared for important sales calls can help sales people to meet their targets and bring on more business for the organization, through just taking a few simple steps to achieve success. It is all in the organization that frames the sales call. Being prepared helps to seal the deal Being prepared for important sales calls helps the salesperson to present a well-polished image of the … Continue reading

How to Run an Effective Sales Meeting

Meetings can sometimes feel like a bit of a drag, but meetings are also an essential component of a smooth running business. Sales team meetings in particular are essential to the sharing of key information that helps the business to achieve its revenue targets. Team members need motivating to achieve their monthly KPIs and the sales manager needs to share information on strategic initiatives that could change how the sales team approaches its day-to-day tasks. On top of that there are new products and innovative techniques to share. But poorly run sales meetings can lead to team members becoming disenchanted, … Continue reading

How to take meeting notes during a meeting

Watch video about taking notes during a meeting

Users often ask us “what is the most practical way to take notes during the meeting?” These tips will help you take better notes. If you use these meeting note taking tips in combination with the MeetingKing meeting minutes software, your meetings will be more effective than ever. What to write down Keep your meeting notes as short as possible, nobody is interested in long essay. The purpose of your meeting notes is to provide a record with the most import information: The topics or agenda items Any relevant background information (general notes) Decisions Tasks that need to be completed … Continue reading

Sharing meeting templates

Give custom meeting template name

If you work in an organization it is great to standardize certain meetings and information. Sharing meeting templates is a great way to do this. You can create standard meeting templates for your organization for: Team meetings Personnel reviews Store/restaurant manager meetings if you run a retail operation Job candidate interview etc. You can also include notes with instructions or standard questions in your meeting templates and even tasks for a standard checklist. How to share meeting templates? Create a new meeting and name the meeting “Standard template <template_Name>, please save” (This is not neceassary as the name is not … Continue reading

10 Tips on How To Run an Effective Board Meeting

We have all at one time attended board meetings or at least heard of them and consequently we admit that a number of them are often so boring that our minds wander away to other things. Most people cannot wait for the meeting to end due to the monotony of the agenda in nearly all meetings. What exactly is an effective board meeting? Well, it’s a formal meeting where the board of directors of a particular organization convene to discuss important matters relating to the organization, with regard to how the organization is fairing in its bid to attain its … Continue reading

New: Manage tasks on your phone, your PC and tablet…. via email!

create task via email

Whether you like it or not, email is at the center of our daily activities and communication. Wouldn’t it be great if you can actually manage your tasks with email without opening another application? Now you can with MeetingKing! Turn any email into a task! We have made some great enhancements to make your life and the lives of the people you work with a bit easier. You can now: Create new tasks via email Mark tasks complete via email Comment on tasks via email What’s more, the people you assign tasks to, do not even need to have a … Continue reading

NEW: Easily add existing tasks to your agenda

We have made creating your agenda even more powerful. Often you want to discuss a task that you created before. This can be a stand alone task or a task from another meeting. Now you can add any existing task to any agenda. Watch the video to see it in action.   For example in your management meeting it is decided that the company needs a new logo. So while making the notes in your management meeting you create the task “Design new logo”. In the notes field you describe exactly what the management team is looking for and you … Continue reading

Creativity is important – also in meetings

Today there is an interesting article by Scott Gerber on readwrite.com, that is worth sharing. Twelve entrepreneurs share their ideas on how to encourage creativity during meetings. According to the article you will promote creativity when you get rid of a rigid structure, set only limited boundaries and let everyone speak up. The other important outcome is, that at the end the ideas need to be translated into results. Next steps and tasks need to be defined to keep track of progress and hold the team accountable. Of course this is where MeetingKing can help. Summarize your discussion, define and … Continue reading

Executive assistant Lorelei uses MeetingKing, so she can spend more time with her baby.

Executive assistant Lorelei saves time with MeetingKing

Lorelei Gibson is the Executive Assistant to the CEO of the national organization of Summer Search in San Francisco and works with about 200 colleagues. Previously Lorelei was the Executive Assistant of the CEO of Big Brothers Big Sisters for the Bay area chapter for a number of years. That organization has 25 employees and many volunteers. Big Brothers Big Sisters and Summer Search are both great organizations that mentor low-income youth and help them seek academic and experiential opportunities. The problem As an executive assistant, Lorelei needs to prepare and document many meetings. Both Big Brothers Big Sisters and … Continue reading

New easy way to manage your business, projects and contacts

Video Managing Contacts, Projects, Departments and Tags

MeetingKing started as a tool to help the world get rid of bad meetings. Meetings are, however, not stand-alone activities. Meetings are part of managing your business or project and meetings lead to tasks. Now you can easily manage your contacts, your projects and your business. If you filter by project, the project title (and the number of members) is displayed at the top. Now the Meetings and Tasks pages and the Calendar view will only display those meetings and tasks that are part of that project. If you want to know what your colleague “James Bond” has to do … Continue reading

MeetingKing servers updated for Heartbleed

meetingking safe for hearthbleed bug

As you may have heard or read, a security vulnerability nick-named “Heartbleed” was discovered in OpenSSL. OpenSSL is the secure communication between your computer and the servers hosting the web pages you view online and is used by 2/3 of the secure websites on the internet. Our MeetingKing web application uses OpenSSL to secure and encrypt your data. It’s important to us that your date is safe and secure whilst you are working with our application. We immediately updated our systems to protect against the vulnerability. We have no evidence to show that any of the data we hold was … Continue reading

New Fast and Flexible Note Taking Page (Beta)

We have some great news: it is now easier than ever to create your agenda and write your meeting minutes. Until now setting the agenda and making notes was very “form” driven. The information and output was great, but at times when the discussion went fast it was difficult to keep up and record information in the right field. Not anymore! Writing your agenda and meeting minutes is extremely flexible: You can now change any information to anything you like; change a Note to a Topic, a Topic to a Subtopic, etc. You can insert new items anywhere create multiple … Continue reading

Management by Walking Around (MBWA)

We live in an age of emails, conference calls and online meetings, so we often forget what business is about. Business is about people. Without your people, you don’t have a business. Pressure for results is high and schedules are tight so we rush from one activity into the next. This does not leave any time for informal meetings and that is bad for business. Recently there was an interesting article in the Wall Street Journal about CEOs who don’t have a desk and those who do. I thought about my own management style and of course how our MeetingKing … Continue reading

Listen to my interview with Jason Cohen founder of WPengine and Patrick Foley

Jason Cohen Patrick Foley

Recently I had a great interview/brainstorming session with Jason Cohen and Patrick Foley. Jason is a very successful software entrepreneur and is the founder of wpengine and smart bear software. The interview was for his startup blog a smart bear. Patrick is a seasoned software industry veteran. He was a technology evangelist at Microsoft, a strategy consultant and software developer/architect. In the interview we discuss how we can accelerate the growth of MeetingKing. Of course you can also help by spreading the word! 🙂 You can find the podcast at: http://blog.asmartbear.com/sb-live-8.html

How Crystal Candy uses MeetingKing for David Allen’s GTD (Getting Things Done)

Jimmy Psillos General Manager Crystal Candy

This is one of my favorite success stories. I am not sure if it is because it is of the unexpected location of this customer or because Jimmy and his team manage their entire business using MeetingKing. Jimmy Psillos is General Manager of Crystal Candy, a highly successful manufacturer of chocolate and candy and the importer of Oreo cookies and Cadbury chocolates in Zimbabwe, a very difficult economic environment. Jimmy describes himself as a fanatic GTD (Getting Things Done) guy, and a lot of the recent task and project management functionality in the product was initiated by his suggestions. Crystal … Continue reading

How MeetingKing can play a role in process improvement and management.

I recently spoke with Andrew Spanyi on how MeetingKing can be used by process improvement professionals. Andrew has taught courses on process improvement and management at Babson College and is the author of three books and dozens of articles on operational leadership and performance improvement. Visit www.spanyi.com to learn more about Andrew. When I asked Andrew why he thought MeetingKing would be a valuable resource for process improvement professionals, here is what he said. Most organizations now have some kind of continuous improvement program in place and at any given point in time may launch several, or even dozens, of … Continue reading

How Diakonessenhuis Hospital met ISO requirements with MeetingKing

Joost Oudejans Diakonessenhuis

Joost Oudejans is Clinical pathologist and head of the pathology department at the Diakonessenhuis Hospital in Utrecht, The Netherlands. He has been a MeetingKing user since 2012 and is now also using MeetingKing for the Netherlands Organization of Pathology Professionals. Joost has given us a lot of useful feedback and suggestions that you now see in the product. We are very grateful for that. The Problem Joost holds a weekly management team meeting for his department in the Diakonessenhuis Hospital. The hospital management system standards are ISO 15189 certified, which means that the operations have to meet certain requirements. The … Continue reading

Productive school staff meetings – MeetingKing can help

school building

School staff primary purpose is to provide education. Teachers should spend time with their students and not in meetings, therefore it is important to keep your meetings short and effective.School staff meetings have the usual challenges of participants who are not (optimally) prepared, writing the minutes takes a lot of time and there is no good task follow-up. In addition, managing a school or faculty requires juggling meetings and tasks related to very different departments and projects. MeetingKing can help by automating all the administrative work around meetings (agendas, minutes, etc) and managing all meeting tasks to make sure things … Continue reading

How Root6 turned informal weekly gatherings into effective meetings with clear results.

logo root6

Root6 is the largest reseller for video production equipment and software in the UK. The company has 3 offices and employs 40 people. Rupert Watson is one of the 3 directors and has been using MeetingKing since May 2012. The Problem Root6 implements a variety of large video systems for many different clients. Each implementation is a separate project, in most cases managed by the customer. With each implementation the Root6 team would have a weekly meeting with the entire project team to discuss the state of the implementation and to make decisions on next steps. These weekly meetings were … Continue reading

New: Assigning tasks to multiple people and other enhancements

Thank you for all your feedback, we have been listening and made some great enhancements. Assigning tasks to multiple people One of the most requested enhancements was the ability to assign tasks to multiple owners. When we designed MeetingKing we made the deliberate decision that a task can have only one owner. If a single task is assigned to multiple people, chances are it will not be done. Person A will assume person B will do it and vice versa. At times however you may want to assign the same task to multiple owners. This is different from having multiple … Continue reading

#1 resolution for 2014 – No more bad meetings!

Happy New Year! The title of this post states that improving meetings is the number one resolution for 2014. OK, I made that up, but it should be! Up to 50% of meeting time is wasted, because participants are not prepared and there is no follow-up. Do you want to continue to waste time with unprepared meeting participants? Do you want to repeat meetings because there were no minutes and people had a different understanding? Do you want to go to the next meeting only to find out that people did not complete their tasks? Sign in now and plan … Continue reading

Great time zone tool

Very short blog post, but I just came across an extremely practical time zone tool, that I think is worth sharing. Check it out for yourself and see how easy it is at: http://everytimezone.com/ You may also want to read our blog post about scheduling across time zones with links to some other time zone tools.  Happy Meetings!

Assigning tasks – your organization vs. a weekend away with group of teenagers


To move your organization forward you need to create tasks and make sure they are completed. As with most things in life the basics are simple, it just comes down to doing it. The five steps of successful task management Create task Document task Set due date Assign task Verify that task was done 5 boys away for a weekend – mild disorganization day 1 As founder of MeetingKing, the meeting and task management solution to run your business, I am always trying to better understand organizational processes and see if they can be improved. This weekend I went skiing … Continue reading

NEW: Projects and departments – MeetingKing helps to manage your business

Our developers have worked hard on a great new functionality to help you manage your business beyond your meetings. If you manage an organization and work on various projects and with different departments, you can now easily share and collaborate on any task with your project teams or departments. And when you create a new meeting and involve your project team and/or department, all members of those teams will be added to the meeting. Easy sharing, easy collaboration and less typing. Creating a project or department is easy: When you are in a view of a project and you create … Continue reading

Are you looking for a do.com replacement?

circle of business consists of projects, meetings and tasks

Do.com, a collaboration service owned by Salesforce.com, will close its doors (website) at the end January. This obviously really stinks if you have been relying on Do.com to run your business. However, every negative has a positive, and this is a great time for you to consider MeetingKing as your Do.com replacement. Just like Do.com, MeetingKing is a collaboration tool to manage your tasks, your business, your projects, basically your (professional) life. However MeetingKing offers something more that none of the other collaboration tools (including Do.com) offer: a workflow tool for productive meetings. Running a business is about three things: … Continue reading

MeetingKing – a Tech Company to Watch at 2013 CT Innovation Summit

meetingking a tech company to watch 2013 CT innovation summit

We are please to announce that MeetingKing has been selected as one of the Tech Companies to Watch for the 2013 Connecticut Innovation Summit. It is great to be identified as a high potential tech company! The 2013 Connecticut Innovation Summit will take place at the Toyota Oakdale Theatre on Thursday, November 7. The annual event, presented by the Angel Investor Forum, the Connecticut Technology Council, Crossroads Venture Group, CURE and CTNEXT, provides entrepreneurs, angels, venture investors, corporate business development executives, and business service providers an opportunity to network, while the selected firms receive an opportunity to meet mentors and … Continue reading

$37 billion per year in unnecessary meetings, what is your share?

ineffective meetings cost dollars

Meetings are great and are necessary to advance a project or organization. However, unlike many things, too many meetings is bad. Bad for morale, bad for productivity and bad for your bottom line. In the US alone we “enjoy” 11 million formal business meetings each day and we waste $37 Billion in unnecessary meetings every year. Funny, shocking and Interesting statistics on meetings 37 percent of employee time is spent in meetings managers attend more than 60 meetings per month 47% consider too many meetings the biggest waste of time 39% of meeting participants admitted to dozing off during a … Continue reading

How to run an effective meeting?

Effective meetings help to move an organization or a project forward. Effective meetings leave the participants energized and create a positive morale in an organization. Unfortunately many meetings are poorly managed and according to research by salary.com 47% of the people consider meetings the #1 time waster. Having a bad meeting is worse than having no meeting at all, because a poorly managed meeting will hurt morale and make people indifferent about their jobs. So how can you make your meeting successful and effective? Having a good meeting is really not hard, it just requires a little discipline. Two factors … Continue reading

How to structure a general management meeting?

What is a general management meeting? General management meetings are probably the most common meetings in many organizations. Whether you run a department, an entire company, a school or a church, you will have meetings with representatives or leaders of all departments together. While these meetings are common, they are also the most challenging meetings to organize. Challenges with organizing a general management meeting. As we all know and as explained in previous articles, a good meeting starts with an agenda. Having a meeting without an agenda, is like doing an exam without studying; you will fail. The challenge with … Continue reading

Have meetings improved in the last 17 years?

17 years??? Why not 10 or 20? Well, a friend of mine just forwarded me a great article about meetings (he was bored during a meeting … he is in the process of convincing his superiors to use MeetingKing). Since it was a very good article about the problems around meetings, I wanted to leave a comment. Turns out the article was from 1996! You be the judge but after reading the article, but to me it seems many of us are still experiencing the same challenges with meetings we were 17 years ago. Why is having good, productive meetings … Continue reading

Watch the videos on the awesome new Calendar View

A few weeks ago we introduced the first version of the Calendar View. Now we have made it even better and you can display your Google Calendar in the Calendar View. Then with one click you can trun any Google Calendar event into a MeetingKing meeting! But enough words, just watch the video and see how simple and powerful this is. If you use Google Calendar, see how easy it is to add it to MeetingKing. Log in now and click the Calendar link in the main navigation bar at the top of your page. We love this new interface … Continue reading

MeetingKing helps Technology Partners to make their meetings more organized, more productive and shorter.

Efrain Longart, MeetingKing user

Recently I spoke with Efrain Longart partner of Technology Partners, Inc. Technology Partners develops Custom Software, sophisticated reports with Business Intelligence technology and provides Database maintenance services for its customers. The company has 5 partners, employs +30 people and is located in Puerto Rico. Challenge The company’s partners meet 2 to 3 times per month to discuss general business issues and the long term direction of the company. After each meeting a memo with the minutes was sent to the participants, and this memo invariably disappeared in the inbox without a second glance. Tasks were recorded in a separate task … Continue reading

Success makes you happy and productive!

success makes you happy and productive

Do you sometimes feel that you are just working and not accomplishing anything? New tasks and problems continue to come up, one task goes over into the next and there seems to be no end in sight. I have been using a simple trick for me and my team, that helps us to get rid of that feeling and makes us feel successful and energized. It is really very simple and you can start using it immediately. To be happy you need success and a sense of accomplishment. Just follow these steps and you and your team will feel a … Continue reading

New in Beta: Calendar View

Calendar View

Exciting news: we just added the Calendar View for Beta testing. The Calendar View helps you to get a quick overview of all your meetings and tasks. The interface is very easy and intuitive: To add a new meeting or a new task just click on the calendar. If you need to change a date for a meeting or a task, just move it to a different day (or time slot) on your calendar and the date (and/or time) is updated. Very easy and fast. On the right of your calendar is the column with Ideas (tasks without a due … Continue reading

Tips for faster note taking

Switching back and forth between your mouse and the keyboard is annoying and slows you down significantly. Here is a tip to make it much faster: use the tab and enter keys to navigate the note taking page. The tab key moves you to the next most frequently used field and, in most fields, the enter key will save the information. Watch the video and see how fast you can take notes and assign tasks. I hope this helps you to have more productive meetings. As always, please contact us if you have any question, suggestion, or other feedback.

New in MeetingKing: Powerful task management

follow-up meeting

Productive meetings result in tasks. Of course these tasks are useless unless you follow-up on them. Fortunately the new MeetingKing makes it very easy for you to manage your tasks. Tasks from previous meetings are automatically added to your new agenda See all tasks or filter by project, department and person Add stand-alone tasks Quickly see what is due in the next few days Tasks in a series of meetings The ability to link meetings (Follow-up meetings) has been one of the most popular features in MeetingKing and we have made it even better. When creating a follow-up meeting, MeetingKing … Continue reading

MeetingKing Version 2 is Live!

MeetingKing version 2 is here! Some users already worked with the new version and the reactions have been great: “LOVING THE NEW VERSION!!!!!” – J.R., Auckland, New Zealand “I love its simplicity and Focus! Finally a tool to manage my business.” –R.d.G., New York, USA “Fantastic how easy it is to find any meeting or task!” – P. B., Amsterdam, The Netherlands Check it out for yourself and impress your colleagues at your next meeting with a professional agenda and awesome minutes. Log in now and start your week with your best meeting ever: https://app.meetingking.com/auth/login Please look at our Quick Start Guide, to get started. Let … Continue reading

What do good meetings have in common?

If you are interested in having more productive meetings, you may want to read the following blog post on 99u.com on how to run meetings like apple and google. Obviously each company has its own meeting culture, but the basic ingredients are the same for all productive meetings: Have an agenda. Without an agenda your meeting will turn out to be a waste of time. Read more on how to write a meeting agenda. Walk away with clear conclusions and define action items. Make sure decisions and tasks are clearly documented to prevent any misunderstandings and have a list to … Continue reading

Maintenance Announcement for May 25-26

Saturday May 25 and part of Sunday May 26 the MeetingKing application will be running in maintenance mode for a few hours. We will be upgrading our server infrastructure and releasing version 2 of MeetingKing. Any changes that you make to your account during that maintenance period will not be stored. Obviously all your existing data will be available in the new version. During the maintenance period MeetingKing will be available for existing users to look up any information that was stored in the past. We apologize for any inconvenience, but the new version is going to be awesome! We … Continue reading

MeetingKing 2 BETA now open for testing

Yes, we are almost there! Our private beta test went well and we are now ready to open the MeetingKing version 2 beta for a broader audience. The core philosophy of MeetingKing is still the same: help you have better meetings and manage your tasks. The application itself, however, is completely redone. New server infrastructure, new database structure and completely new design. We feel that the workflow is even more intuitive, so that there is no learning curve. Please note that the beta works with a COPY of the production database and they are not linked. So any information that … Continue reading

Almost here: MeetingKing version 2 – Sign up for beta

We are getting really close to finalizing MeetingKing version 2. Before we switch everything over however, we need to thoroughly test the new version and would appreciate your help with that. If you are interested in being one of the first to experience the new MeetingKing, please sign up for our beta list at: http://meetingking.com/beta-program/ What is new? Basically everything! Of course the core philosophy of the product is still the same: to help you have better meetings – from agenda preparation to task completion. Over the past year we have received a lot of great feedback and MeetingKing Version … Continue reading

Choices aren’t always that

If you have two options to choose from, and you don’t know which one you prefer, toss a coin. It doesn’t matter what side the coin falls on – as soon as the coin is tossed, you’ll know what option you prefer, because that’s the side you want the coin to fall on. In other words, even though you think that you don’t know what you want, you do. Your unconscious mind has surveyed the options, looked at the pros and cons, and made the call. It might not be the right decision to make, but it’s the decision you … Continue reading

Sometimes you need to shake things up – Yes in meetings too.

It’s not easy changing company policies, or getting people to change their habits, or even introducing new tools into a workplace. People will always talk about how things have changed and the old ways of doing things were so much better, or they might even continue working the way they always did, ignoring any efforts to change how the company works. The same thing happens whether your business upgrades to a new version of Microsoft Office, when Facebook changes the way the Timeline looks, or even when you switch to a new brand of coffee. It’s the same with meetings. … Continue reading

Big data is just too…. big

90% of the data in the world was created in the last two years. What this means to businesses, is that when you need to reach decisions (for example, how to re-design the Facebook Timeline), you have so much information to sort through, that many people have one of the following reactions: Procrastination Putting things off to a later date is a very easy way to deal with a problem. This can be disguised as ‘collecting more information’, ‘setting up a committee’, or ‘we will talk about this next meeting’, but in essence it boils down to the same thing. … Continue reading

Get started with Robert’s Rules of Order

Our goal is to help you improve your meetings. MeetingKing is a great tool to help you with the documentation and information distribution before, during and after your meetings and to make sure that things get done. However it is still up to the chair to manage the meeting and stay focused on the issue at hand. Robert’s Rules of Order can help. We have some basic information on Robert’s Rules on our web site, but Susan Leahy of www.RobertsRulesMadeSimple.com is the expert in the area and offers in this article a few very practical tips on how you can … Continue reading


50m3 P30pL3 CAN unD3R57AND 73×7 3V3N wh3N 73H 73X7 12 m1X3d uP. 8u7 17 12’n7 3A5Y, r19h7? (To translate that into English, just use this leet-speak translator 🙂 ) In other words, you need to remember that not everyone speaks your language. For example, you’re the marketing guy – you know what SEO is, you know what the Panda update was, you know what Twitter Lists are, and SMM, and so on. But the developer has no idea what you are talking about. On the other hand, HE knows what object-oriented means, he knows what’s the difference between Lean and Kanban, … Continue reading

No more work from home?

At the same time that I, Edwin, wrote yesterday’s post, our marketing guy and and social media guru, Avi Kaye, had his own thoughts on the new Marissa Mayer rule at Yahoo – he doesn’t see working from home as impacting productivity so much as getting some creative juices running. Here is his take: Marissa Mayer has cancelled the ‘work from home’ option in Yahoo, and opened a can of worms. From downright derision to calling it an “epic fail”, the response to this move has been overwhelming. Bottom line is, that in the state that Yahoo is in, this … Continue reading

Yahoo and the power of face-to-face meetings

I am sure you read about the decision by Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer that employees can no longer work from home. You have to be in the office or can leave the company. There has been a lot of discussion about the pros and cons of working remotely or in the office, so I don’t need to start another one here. Besides I personally believe there is no black or white answer. My current company is operates largely remotely, but the complete development staff is working side by side for optimal communication. Managing a business is all about communication. People … Continue reading

Mini Meetings, or Pair Programming

Pair programming is a method used in some development teams. The idea is very simple – have two programmers – a ‘pair’, if you will 🙂 – work together on the same code. One writes code while the other observes, and they switch roles every so often. This is, of course, a complete waste of time. You have two people doing the work of one. Every time a decision has to be made, there’s a debate. Every time one uses coding technique that the other one doesn’t recognize, questions are asked, and the whole process needs to be understood. Everything … Continue reading

When it comes to meetings you should sharpen your ax regularly

Lets play a little game. Imagine you are in a forest. You need to chop down 40 trees. It only takes you fifteen minutes to chop down the first ten trees – because you’ve got a sharp ax! You could stop and sharpen your ax, but it takes half an hour – and you need to get on to tree chopping! It takes you thirty minutes to chop down the next ten trees – because even sharp axes dull eventually. You could stop and sharpen your ax, but it takes half an hour – and you need to get on … Continue reading

Why is meeting culture hard to change?

Put five monkeys in a cage with a ladder in the middle. Dangle a banana just above the ladder. Every time a monkey tries to climb the ladder to get the banana, spray the other monkeys with jets of freezing cold water. After a while, you’ll see that every monkey that gets near the ladder will be pulled away by the other monkeys, who, obviously, don’t want to get soaked with cold water. Now, take out one monkey, and replace it with a new one, one that doesn’t know the existing rules. Watch as he tries to climb the ladder … Continue reading

Do I really need this meeting?

Yesterday I was trying to schedule a meeting with a client, with very little success. The next few days were fully booked (including Friday) with his meetings, as were Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. We managed to squeeze in a meeting on Wednesday between a business lunch and a job interview. He isn’t the only one. More and more people I talk to have meetings plastered all over their calendar from eight in the morning to eight in the evening, with a few sprinkled in on Saturday, just to make sure that they are taking full advantage of the week. But … Continue reading

A good meeting is like a good meal

I’ve been watching more than my fair share of cookery shows on the TV lately, and of course, meetings, and how to make them better, are never really far from my mind. So when I started really paying attention to these things, I noticed that cooking a good meal is just like managing a good meeting. You start off with deciding what you want. Is it a light meal? A pot roast? Supper for the kids? Once you have your goal in mind, writing down your agenda is much easier finding the recipe is much easier. Now you have the … Continue reading

How running a meeting is like playing a game

The New York Knicks (who are first in their division with 21 wins and 8 losses) played the Los Angeles Lakers (who have 13 wins and 14 losses) on Christmas Day. The match promised to be a good one, despite the Lakers record, the New York Knicks were the clear favorites to win. The Lakers won. Yes, their two leading players scored 54 points each. Yes, the game was played at the Lakers’ home court. And still, the main reason the Lakers won the game was Steve Nash – the 38 year old point guard who has just returned after … Continue reading

Why you should KISS at meetings

You should KISS at meetings. Not with your lips “kiss” (that’s up to you to choose), but KISS as in Keep It Simple Stupid*. Take Instagram’s recent changes of their Terms and Conditions as a perfect example of how not to keep things simple. If you haven’t heard, Instagram, the hugely popular photo-sharing service that was recently acquired by Facebook, changed their Terms and Conditions a week ago. “From now on”, they seemed to say, “we own your photos. Everything that you have uploaded over the years to your Instagram account is now ours.” Millions of users, along with celebrities … Continue reading

Founder of MeetingKing, in Avangate Software & It Leaders Interview Series

Recently Edwin Siebesma, founder of MeetingKing, was interviewed by Michael Ni for the Avangate Software & It Leaders interview series. Avangate is a leader in online payment and ecommerce solutions for software companies and SaaS providers. The interview was about running a start-up and the differences between Software as a Service and desktop software development. The podcast and a transcript are available at: www.avangate.com/community/resources/interview/edwin-siebesma-21.htm

I HATE meetings

How many times have you heard the phrase “I HATE MEETINGS”? It can be before a board meeting, a team meeting or a company meeting – the sentiment remains the same. People hate meetings. Meetings are time wasters, meetings are set up by people who don’t know how to decide things on their own, or by people who just want to shoot the breeze around a table. Meetings are at best useless, at worst, wasteful. And that is part of the problem. When people come to meetings expecting a negative outcome, then not only will they feel negative about everything, … Continue reading

8 Steps to Meeting Perfection

This is a guest post by Alan Cairns. Alan writes on a number of subjects including virtual receptionist services. Meetings are a bug bear for many business professionals. Many say that meetings take up all their time and they can’t get any “real” work done because of it. Meetings are an essential part of business; to reach agreements, share ideas, set strategies and most importantly to communicate in an open, face-to-face situation. It’s understandable that many professionals tire of meetings, because so many of them are badly organised, unproductive and ultimately pointless. Meetings can go wrong for a variety of reasons, … Continue reading

Schedule a Meeting in Different Time Zones

More and more companies today work with teams that span different time zones. Here at MeetingKing our team even spans several continents, and communication tools like Google Hangouts or Skype make that really easy. The problems arise, of course, not from the tools we use to actually carry out the meetings, but with finding the time to meet. How do you schedule a meeting in different time zones? Now, I don’t know if you’ve noticed this, but MeetingKing meetings are automatically adjusted to your time zone. If you are in New York, and you set up a meeting with your … Continue reading

The Meeting Sledgehammer

An agenda is part of a meeting’s building blocks. Distractions are a sledgehammer. I’m not talking about subjects that come up during meetings that aren’t on the agenda. These things are perfectly natural, as people discuss items. Sometimes, you want to put it in the parking lot. Other times, you’ll add it the agenda and discuss it. I’m talking about, shall we say, third-part distractions. ‘This won’t take a second’ How many times have you been in a meeting, where one of the attendee’s (or worse, the meeting organizer’s) mobile phone started ringing? Sometimes they ‘have to take this call, … Continue reading

Debbie Leven on meetings and agendas, in 140 characters

This Tweet by Debbie Leven from PRCoach Blog caught our eye, just because it sums up so many meeting issues in less than 140 characters, which is no mean feat. When you go to a meeting there HAS to be an agenda. Agendas are the focal point of the meeting. If the meeting has no agenda, then what you have is a set of loosely connected discussions, a stream-of-consciousness style of debate. – “Have you seen that latest feature? It looks like Apple designed it!” – “Apple? Really? Because I heard that their business model is based on advertising. Perhaps … Continue reading

Follow-up meetings are important

I can hear you groaning all ready. ‘What’, you say, ‘it’s not bad enough I have one meeting, I have to set up the next meeting straight away?’ The answer is ‘Yes’. It’s quite simple, really. Meetings are NOT there to slow you down, or to make the person who called the meeting feel warm and fuzzy inside. Meetings are there to help you make decisions about your business – a new feature, a bold marketing campaign, even a new employee. Decisions usually create tasks (I mean, SOMEONE has to make sure to invite that promising young developer back, right?), … Continue reading

MeetingKing Wins Avangate Scholarship for Business of Software Conference

We are proud to announce that MeetingKing is one of the 5 winners of the first Avangate Business of Software (BoS) Scholarship Program. This is a great recognition for having developed a compelling innovative product to help push the SaaS industry to new levels. The Business of Software Conference is the leading conference for ISVs and this scholarship will help us connect with industry experts to share best practices and learn the latest technologies. I am grateful for getting this opportunity and the recognition for our product.

Using Meeting Minutes To Get Things Done

We’ve already explained how to write meetings minutes, and shown how to use the Meeting Minutes template. But how do you use those meeting minutes to get things done? Just to remind you – MeetingKing makes it extremely simple to write down the meeting minutes as the meeting progresses. You can write down notes, decisions and tasks, and make them private (so only you can see what you’ve written), or for the team (so all the meeting participants will be able to see them). Now, as you all know, meetings are supposed to help you drive your business forwards. Meetings … Continue reading

New Features: Lock Meeting for Editing and Manage Contacts

We added some exciting new features to MeetingKing to help you have more efficient meetings and make sure tasks get completed: Ability to lock a meeting for editing (also great for archiving) Manage all your contacts in new contact page Lock a Meeting for Editing The organizer of a meeting can now lock a meeting for editing. This means meeting collaborators cannot add, change or delete topics, notes or tasks in the agenda or minutes. Meeting participants can, however, still mark a task as complete, add comments and even add private notes. The meeting organizer can always make edits and … Continue reading

5 Reasons you’ll love your next meeting

Most people hate meetings. Many meetings are long, counter-productive, don’t get anywhere, and nothing gets done. But they aren’t supposed to be like that. Meetings should be to the point. Meetings should be about getting together the right people to make the right decisions, and follow them through. Meetings should drive your business, not drive it under. So here are 5 reasons you’ll LOVE your next meeting. 1. Agenda Meeting without an agenda is like shopping without a list. If you don’t know what you’re going to talk about, how will you prepare beforehand? Make sure you have an agenda … Continue reading

Managing Sports Club Meetings

Meetings at sports clubs should be managed just like any other meeting, if they are to be effective. Whether it is a monthly meeting of the soccer club, the hockey club annual general meeting, or the baseball board meeting, all sports clubs meetings should be properly run. Meetings are essential to effectively manage matters relating to your club, make decisions about the running of the club and decide on upcoming activities. Meetings are a way to ensure the smooth running of all of the club’s functions and offer an opportunity to get the members involved in important matters. In most … Continue reading

Getting Things Done with MeetingKing

Getting Things Done is a methodology that allows businesses and individuals to increase their productivity. The brainchild of management consultant David Allen, the central idea of the theory is that it is not particularly productive to have people remembering the tasks that they have to do. The goal is to write those tasks down so that they are not crowding the mind. Then the individual is freed up to focus on actually achieving the tasks in a productive manner, rather than focusing on trying to remember what needs doing. David Allen wrote a successful book on the Getting Things Done … Continue reading

Interview on The Startup Success Podcast

Recently I had a great interview with Bob Walsh and Patrick Foley of The Startup Success Podcast. Before starting MeetingKing I was president/CEO of WinZip for many years and starting a new company from scratch is very different from running a successful established software company. In the interview we discuss the differences. Listen to the interview on The Startup Success Podcast

Carrying out Job Interviews and How MeetingKing Can Help

Carrying out job interviews can be a challenge. It can be hard to make sure that you ask each candidate the same questions, while at the same making sure the conversation has a natural flow and feel. Hiring people is a costly exercise, and it is something that you don’t want to get wrong. Hiring the wrong person at the least means going through the process of hiring and training all over again, in addition to possible costs of firing an employee. This is expensive, and should be avoided at all costs. Good hiring requires  structure, consistency and planning, as … Continue reading

Tips for Effective Personnel Performance Review Meetings

Many employees and appraisers dread performance review meetings. They create paperwork and administration that has to be carried out on both sides. Also, for the appraiser, such meetings usually require the passing on of constructive feedback to employees, which can be difficult. Good performance review meetings however, can be very motivating and help a person and organization move forward and build a better bond. Here are some tips to make performance review meetings more effective and run more smoothly: Make it a natural conversation, it is not about completing forms. Documentation is necessary to properly prepare and follow-up, but the … Continue reading

A Meeting without an Agenda is like Shopping without a List

This weekend we finally had some great weather for a cook-out. So in between kids’ soccer games I decided to do some shopping. I did not have a list but I had been in the supermarket before, so how hard could it be. Well the result was as follows: I bought stuff that we still had I forgot stuff that I needed And the shopping took twice as long because there was no planning and I realized a few times I had to go back to aisle 1 and then back to 13 etc. If I had taken a few … Continue reading

Don’t Let Meeting Killers Derail your Meeting

Today there was a great article in the Wall Street Journal by Sue Shellenbarger – Meet the Meeting Killers. In the article she identifies 5 personalities who can kill your meeting: The Jokester The Dominator The Naysayer The Rambler The Quiet Plotter The article also includes some great tips on how to deal with these personalities. In addition to these tips Sue also stresses the importance of an agenda, which I fully support…. and MeetingKing can help you with your next agenda.

Writing Meeting Minutes – Shorter is Better

Don’t like writing meeting minutes? You are not alone. Once you know a few tricks however, it is not that hard and with the right tool it is not a lot of work and will help you to get things done. So why would you write meeting minutes? First, it adds structure to your conversation, keeps you focused and forces you to conclude each topic with a clear outcome. Second, it creates a clear record of what was discussed, what was decided and who is responsible. Third, no need to discuss the same issue multiple times (provided you can easily … Continue reading

Long Office Hours – a Waste of your Time

Dedication is often measured in the number of hours people spend at the office, but research has shown over and over again that having a healthy balance between work and other activities leads to much higher productivity. Problem with corporate America is that we are all looking at each other and consider face time to be the measure for commitment and often even success. Especially in larger organizations it is often hard to point out who contributed what. This makes it easy to hide behind the group if things don’t work out, but for a successful project it is also … Continue reading

Importance of Parking Lot for Meetings

Meetings can often go off the agenda. Sometimes this is because a person wants to air their point of view with a forum. Other times it may be because an attendee has not understood the purpose of the meeting, and believes that their point is relevant. In other situations, going off subject may be caused by the meeting coordinator not keeping a tight rein on the meeting, and allowing people to get off the subject matter at hand. Sometimes ideas that are raised during the course of a discussion are interesting and worthwhile to follow up, but are just not … Continue reading

New feature: Easily find tasks related to current topic

Another new feature to help you have a total overview. Most meetings cover different topics and it is always hard to get a quick overview of what is going on with each topic. Not anymore. You can easily find any task related to the topic you are discussing without leaving your meeting space. Right next to the agenda and note taking area is a search box for related tasks. You can search by project, department, customer (based on tags) or by task owner. It will show all tasks you have to do or tasks others have to do for you. … Continue reading

A Practical Guide to Meeting Facilitation

Meeting facilitation is the art of making meetings run smoother. Meeting facilitators help meeting participants to stick to an agenda and progress through that agenda without getting stuck on difficult issues. It is the responsibility of the meeting facilitator to make sure that everyone gets an opportunity to contribute to the meeting, and meeting facilitation involves being responsible to everyone at the meeting, not just the person that asked for meeting facilitation. One of the reasons for having a meeting facilitator is that sometimes it can be hard to come to a consensus when there are so many different and … Continue reading

MeetingKing review on Sociableblog.com

MeetingKing goes beyond traditional project management tools, which can only manage one project at the time. MeetingKing is like an accounting system for all your decisions and tasks of your meetings and conversations. http://www.sociableblog.com/2012/03/16/meetingking-productive-meetings/

New features – Meeting Templates and Custom Logo

You asked, we listened. We have been working hard on some much requested features: Templates Customizable logo Meeting Templates It has never been easier to prepare your meeting. When preparing the agenda (or starting the meeting…..), just click “Load template” and select one of the standard MeetingKing templates or one you created yourself. You can even load multiple templates. Once a template is loaded, all items are just regular topics and you can modify the agenda as you see fit; you can delete topics, you can move them to a different location and you can add additional topics. Saving templates … Continue reading

The secrets of an effective hybrid meeting

Hybrid meetings are becoming more and more common in business. Hybrid meetings are when a combination of in-person and virtual elements are used to run the meeting. Hybrid meetings can be particularly useful for companies that have some employees that are teleworking, or people that are located in different places. In these situations some people will be in the meeting room, and others will be elsewhere and may use telephone conferencing, web conferencing or video conferencing tools to communicate with everyone. Such meetings can be challenging to manage especially since using visuals can be hard if not planned effectively. However … Continue reading

How to Effectively Run an In-Person Meeting

Virtual meetings are more and more frequently becoming standard day-to-day business practice, and businesses need to understand how to run remote meetings effectively. However, running an in-person meeting is still far more frequent of an occurrence in organizations, and many can benefit from learning how to increase effectiveness in this area. Every meeting can benefit from an agenda. An agenda adds structure to a meeting, and lets participants know what subject matters are to be covered. It allows participants to think through their views on different subjects ahead of the meeting, and to be prepared for them. During an in-person … Continue reading

Press Release: MeetingKing – A New Web-Based Workflow and Documentation Tool Increases Meeting Productivity

MeetingKing – A New Web-Based Workflow and Documentation Tool Increases Meeting Productivity Helps Keep Meetings Short and Effective Meeting Facilitation and Documentation Easier than Ever February 16, 2012, Tolland, CT/PR Newswire/ Paracas Solutions, announced today the availability of MeetingKing, a revolutionary new web-based solution that changes how people prepare, manage and document in-person and remote meetings. MeetingKing replaces the need to use multiple solutions to compile and manage information before, during and after the meeting.  Instead of using a combination of email, Word and task management tools, MeetingKing offers one intuitive tool built around the natural workflow of meetings. The … Continue reading

Where’s the Boss? Trapped in a Meeting.

Today The Wall Street Journal published a very interesting article on the amount of time a CEO spends in meetings. A team of scholars from London School of Economics and Harvard Business School, analyzed the day-to-day schedules of more than 500 CEOs from around the world to see how they organize their time—and how that affects the performance and management of their firms. It turns out that CEO’s spend at least a third of their time in meetings. In one sample of 65 CEOs, executives spent roughly 18 hours of a 55-hour workweek in meetings, more than three hours on … Continue reading

When to use face to face meetings and when to hold virtual meetings

These days the technologies exist to allow most meetings to be held virtually. From conference calls, to web conferencing, and lately even video conferencing, there are many different options to choose from in determining what type of meeting to run. In addition to saving time online meetings are also more environmental friendly  due to the reduction in the carbon footprint resulting from less traveling to and from meetings. However, there are times when in person meetings are vastly preferable to remote meetings and vice versa. Sometimes the two can be used in parallel. MeetingKing, the meeting facilitation and documentation tool, … Continue reading

New Law in New York State Requiring Publishing of Meeting Agendas and Meeting Minutes

New York State recently passed legislation that requires most government meetings to post agendas online in advance of those meetings and meeting minutes after the meeting . This affects all public town meetings.  The idea behind this new law is that the public become more involved in public meetings. With MeetingKing towns can meet this requirement at zero cost. In the past, the public has expressed discomfort at attending town meetings and being unable to get a sense of what is going on, due to the lack of a published agenda. The new law changes all of that.  Agendas must … Continue reading

Great review of MeetingKing on Killerstartups.com

Read about MeetingKing on Killerstartups.com — A tool that comes with a great range of features and at just the right price, MeetingKing is sure to let you start getting the most of all the meetings you have with your team. — Read more: http://www.killerstartups.com/Web-App-Tools/meetingking-com-plan-your-meetings Please share, vote and rate MeetingKing on Killerstartups.com to spread the word.

New Features – Daily update, review recipients of minutes and agenda and more

First of all I would like to thank you for using MeetingKing and for the great feedback you have been sending. You have given us some really good ideas and helped us prioritizing new features and enhancements. Enhancements to MeetingKing Daily meeting and task update email No need to log into MeetingKing in the morning to see what meetings are coming up and what tasks need to be completed. If there are any meetings in the next few days or any tasks (over)due, you will receive an email with a summary of these meetings and tasks.   To make it … Continue reading

MeetingKing at WebInno in Boston

MeetingKing – A New Web-Based Meeting Management Tool Makes Meetings Highly Effective and Well Organized   Founder, Edwin Siebesma to Present at WebInno on November 29, 2011   Tolland, CT, November 28, 2011- MeetingKing founder Edwin Siebesma will be presenting his new web application which simplifies the task of organizing effective meetings at Webinno in Cambridge, MA on Tuesday, November 29, 2011 at 6:30 PM.   MeetingKing is an integrated and intuitive web-based application to help meeting organizers keep notes, create agendas, and assign tasks and follow-up on previous assignments. ?Our research indicates that the core issues associated with ineffective … Continue reading

Schedule meetings and invite participants directly from Outlook, Google Calendar and iCal

You can now create a meeting in MeetingKing using Outlook, Google Calendar or iCal. Just create a new meeting request in your preferred calendar application, add schedule@meetingking.com to the list of invitees and send the meeting request.   MeetingKing will create a new meeting space for you and add all invitees, the date, time and location. Within a minute the meeting will appear in the dashboards of all participants and the organizer will receive an email with a link to that meeting space.   Creating a new meeting in MeetingKing with your preferred calendar application has the following advantages: -You … Continue reading

Stress is caused by work you DO NOT do

Stress is often associated with working hard and long hours, yet some manual laborers work many hours but don?t seem to suffer from stress. So what causes stress? I once read: ?You don?t get stress from the work you do, you get stress from the work you don?t do?. This made me think and it is true; if I leave work after 8 hours while I still have to finish some projects, I am thinking about the work  I did not do. However if I have a long 12 hour day, but I finish everything that needed to be finished, … Continue reading

Make private notes right in your agenda and minutes

MeetingKing has a cool new feature: create private notes, decisions and tasks right in your agenda or meeting minutes.   In preparation of a meeting you may want to make some notes, add a link to an article, write down a list of arguments that you want to use during the discussion or include a graph of photo you want to show. Some of these you share with the team before the meeting, but other items you may want to keep for yourself so you can bring them up during the meeting. Now you can do both right in the … Continue reading

MeetingKing will present at Governor’s Economic Summit

Great news – MeetingKing will be one of the three start-ups to present during the Start-Up Connecticut session at the 2011 Connecticut Governor’s Economic Summit in Hartford on October 6th. Start-Up Connecticut is the CT region of Start-Up America, a partnership of mentors, advisors, funders, major corporations and serviceproviders to deliver strategic and substantive resources to help entrepreneurs start and scale companies.   So if you are attending the 2011 CT Governor’s Economic Summit, give MeetingKing a try and make sure you join the MeetingKing session. Of course if you are not attending the summit, we also encourage you to … Continue reading

The Modern Meeting Standard and MeetingKing

I just finished reading the book The Modern Meeting Standard by Al Pittampalli. Great to see that some else is as passionate about improving meetings as I am. At the same time it is sad that it is necessary to write a book and develop software for something so important and basic. Not sure how the whole meeting culture got out of hand, but fact is did and we need to do something about it. Read more on how to use MeetingKing together with the Modern Meeting Standard.   You probably arrived at this page because you are frustrated about … Continue reading

First Public Beta Announced

We just announced the first public beta of MeetingKing. We have been working hard the last few months and added a lot of new functionality and fixed some pre-release bugs. Some of the features we added are: “Follow-up meetings” – When creating a new meeting you can link it back to a previous meeting. This will automatically copy all the logistical information (invitees, dial-in info, etc) and will automatically populate the agenda with open action items from previous meetings and list any topics that were placed in the parking lot in one of the previous meetings. Parking Lot -If during … Continue reading

Meeting costs and potential savings

We all spend a lot of time (too much) in meetings. According to the Wharton Center for Applied Research, the average CEO spends 17 hours per week in meetings, senior executives an average of 23 hours and middle managers 11 hours. And according to senior and middle managers only 56% of these meetings are productive. This leaves little time for ?real? work. The same research found that if managers use meetings appropriately they can reduce the time spent in meetings by 25%. Effective management of remaining meetings can reduce the time spent in meetings by another 20%. This translates into … Continue reading

MeetingKing in a retail operation

Before I became involved in the software and Internet industry I was active in retail. As VP of sales I was directly managing many different teams and was the main liaison between the stores and the various departments at headquarters. In this role I would have lots of quick one-on-one conversations and formal meetings. Combining the all relevant issues and making sure that all tasks (both mine and from others) were actually completed, was always a challenge. This article is not meant to explain MeetingKing in detail, but rather the benefits of MeetingKing in a retail operation. Please visit the … Continue reading