One more secret to better meetings – less people

Wall Street Journal video on less people - better meetings

Many of us remain frustrated by the time we waste in meetings. In an article a few years back we published some interesting statistics on the time and money wasted in meetings. Unfortunately for most organizations this has not improved. Often the problem is limited preparation and no follow-up. Meeting organizers who started using MeetingKing have reported enormous time savings and a much higher success rate in task completion than when using other tools. So if you are not using MeetingKing at the moment try it now for free. However in addition to better meeting preparation and follow-up, there is … Continue reading

Creativity is important – also in meetings

Today there is an interesting article by Scott Gerber on, that is worth sharing. Twelve entrepreneurs share their ideas on how to encourage creativity during meetings. According to the article you will promote creativity when you get rid of a rigid structure, set only limited boundaries and let everyone speak up. The other important outcome is, that at the end the ideas need to be translated into results. Next steps and tasks need to be defined to keep track of progress and hold the team accountable. Of course this is where MeetingKing can help. Summarize your discussion, define and … Continue reading

No more work from home?

At the same time that I, Edwin, wrote yesterday’s post, our marketing guy and and social media guru, Avi Kaye, had his own thoughts on the new Marissa Mayer rule at Yahoo – he doesn’t see working from home as impacting productivity so much as getting some creative juices running. Here is his take: Marissa Mayer has cancelled the ‘work from home’ option in Yahoo, and opened a can of worms. From downright derision to calling it an “epic fail”, the response to this move has been overwhelming. Bottom line is, that in the state that Yahoo is in, this … Continue reading

Yahoo and the power of face-to-face meetings

I am sure you read about the decision by Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer that employees can no longer work from home. You have to be in the office or can leave the company. There has been a lot of discussion about the pros and cons of working remotely or in the office, so I don’t need to start another one here. Besides I personally believe there is no black or white answer. My current company is operates largely remotely, but the complete development staff is working side by side for optimal communication. Managing a business is all about communication. People … Continue reading

Debbie Leven on meetings and agendas, in 140 characters

This Tweet by Debbie Leven from PRCoach Blog caught our eye, just because it sums up so many meeting issues in less than 140 characters, which is no mean feat. When you go to a meeting there HAS to be an agenda. Agendas are the focal point of the meeting. If the meeting has no agenda, then what you have is a set of loosely connected discussions, a stream-of-consciousness style of debate. – “Have you seen that latest feature? It looks like Apple designed it!” – “Apple? Really? Because I heard that their business model is based on advertising. Perhaps … Continue reading

Don’t Let Meeting Killers Derail your Meeting

Today there was a great article in the Wall Street Journal by Sue Shellenbarger – Meet the Meeting Killers. In the article she identifies 5 personalities who can kill your meeting: The Jokester The Dominator The Naysayer The Rambler The Quiet Plotter The article also includes some great tips on how to deal with these personalities. In addition to these tips Sue also stresses the importance of an agenda, which I fully support…. and MeetingKing can help you with your next agenda.

Where’s the Boss? Trapped in a Meeting.

Today The Wall Street Journal published a very interesting article on the amount of time a CEO spends in meetings. A team of scholars from London School of Economics and Harvard Business School, analyzed the day-to-day schedules of more than 500 CEOs from around the world to see how they organize their time—and how that affects the performance and management of their firms. It turns out that CEO’s spend at least a third of their time in meetings. In one sample of 65 CEOs, executives spent roughly 18 hours of a 55-hour workweek in meetings, more than three hours on … Continue reading

New Law in New York State Requiring Publishing of Meeting Agendas and Meeting Minutes

New York State recently passed legislation that requires most government meetings to post agendas online in advance of those meetings and meeting minutes after the meeting . This affects all public town meetings.  The idea behind this new law is that the public become more involved in public meetings. With MeetingKing towns can meet this requirement at zero cost. In the past, the public has expressed discomfort at attending town meetings and being unable to get a sense of what is going on, due to the lack of a published agenda. The new law changes all of that.  Agendas must … Continue reading

The Modern Meeting Standard and MeetingKing

I just finished reading the book The Modern Meeting Standard by Al Pittampalli. Great to see that some else is as passionate about improving meetings as I am. At the same time it is sad that it is necessary to write a book and develop software for something so important and basic. Not sure how the whole meeting culture got out of hand, but fact is did and we need to do something about it. Read more on how to use MeetingKing together with the Modern Meeting Standard.   You probably arrived at this page because you are frustrated about … Continue reading