Listen to my interview with Jason Cohen founder of WPengine and Patrick Foley

Jason Cohen Patrick Foley

Recently I had a great interview/brainstorming session with Jason Cohen and Patrick Foley. Jason is a very successful software entrepreneur and is the founder of wpengine and smart bear software. The interview was for his startup blog a smart bear. Patrick is a seasoned software industry veteran. He was a technology evangelist at Microsoft, a strategy consultant and software developer/architect. In the interview we discuss how we can accelerate the growth of MeetingKing. Of course you can also help by spreading the word! đŸ™‚ You can find the podcast at:

Founder of MeetingKing, in Avangate Software & It Leaders Interview Series

Recently Edwin Siebesma, founder of MeetingKing, was interviewed by Michael Ni for the Avangate Software & It Leaders interview series. Avangate is a leader in online payment and ecommerce solutions for software companies and SaaS providers. The interview was about running a start-up and the differences between Software as a Service and desktop software development. The podcast and a transcript are available at:

MeetingKing Wins Avangate Scholarship for Business of Software Conference

We are proud to announce that MeetingKing is one of the 5 winners of the first Avangate Business of Software (BoS) Scholarship Program. This is a great recognition for having developed a compelling innovative product to help push the SaaS industry to new levels. The Business of Software Conference is the leading conference for ISVs and this scholarship will help us connect with industry experts to share best practices and learn the latest technologies. I am grateful for getting this opportunity and the recognition for our product.

Interview on The Startup Success Podcast

Recently I had a great interview with Bob Walsh and Patrick Foley of The Startup Success Podcast. Before starting MeetingKing I was president/CEO of WinZip for many years and starting a new company from scratch is very different from running a successful established software company. In the interview we discuss the differences. Listen to the interview on The Startup Success Podcast

MeetingKing review on

MeetingKing goes beyond traditional project management tools, which can only manage one project at the time. MeetingKing is like an accounting system for all your decisions and tasks of your meetings and conversations.

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Read about MeetingKing on — A tool that comes with a great range of features and at just the right price, MeetingKing is sure to let you start getting the most of all the meetings you have with your team. — Read more: Please share, vote and rate MeetingKing on to spread the word.