Moving Agenda Topics

You can change the order of the topics of your meeting by clicking and holding the move link and then dragging and dropping the topic to a different location. Subtopics will always move with the main topic.

If you have many notes, decisions and tasks under a topic you may want to collapse that topic to make it more manageable. Simply press the minus sign in front of the topic title.

moving a topic in the agenda

You can also move a topic to the Parking Lot area. The Parking Lot is at the bottom of your topics page below the active topics of the meeting. If the Parking Lot is collapsed, simply expand the Parking Lot (the plus sign + on the right in the Parking Lot bar) and drag and drop a topic from your meeting into the Parking Lot. You can also drag Parking Lot items that you created in other meetings onto the agenda of your current meeting.

moving topic from agenda to parking lot