We are getting really close to finalizing MeetingKing version 2. Before we switch everything over however, we need to thoroughly test the new version and would appreciate your help with that.

If you are interested in being one of the first to experience the new MeetingKing, please sign up for our beta list at:

What is new?

Basically everything! Of course the core philosophy of the product is still the same: to help you have better meetings – from agenda preparation to task completion.

Over the past year we have received a lot of great feedback and MeetingKing Version 2 is the next step in helping you to be the best manager and meeting chairman possible.

New UI

We have completely redone the UI. Yamila joined our team as UI designer and she translated our rough sketches into a beautiful, easy to use application.

In addition, our front-end guru Raza is making the interface flexible for different devices; it will automatically adapt when you are using an iPad, tablet or smart phone. Just bring your iPad, kindle fire or other tablet to your meetings and you will have all information at your finger tips.

new note taking page

Powerful task management

One of the main enhancements has to do with task management. MeetingKing started as a meeting documentation tool, but many users use it to manage all their tasks. Rehmat and Muneeb implemented a great way to manage all your tasks. With one click you can filter everything by project, department or person. The combinations and possibilities are endless. You will be in control.

new task management page

New backend – improved performance

Our lead developer Nazar has done miracles. His work may not be directly visible, but you will notice it whenever you are using the application. Everything is much faster.

We hope that with this new version we may welcome many new users in addition to the more than 15,000 people that already signed up for MeetingKing!

Next steps

We are now finalizing the last bits of coding and our own testing. We hope that we can make the new version available for limited Beta testing in the very near future.

To join us in our testing efforts, please sign up for our beta program at:

We would very much appreciate your input.