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Quick start guide

Quick start guide

Quick overview video MeetingKing in 4 minutes What is MeetingKing? 1. Meeting facilitation and documentation tool MeetingKing helps you have better meetings by making it easy to: prepare a meeting agenda write professional meeting minutes manage all your…

Task overview

Quick start guide » Task overview

On the tasks page you see three columns with tasks: Ideas – tasks without a due date To-do – tasks that have a due date Completed – completed tasks. Very important because comments and attachments may include the requested info. Ideas have a…

Meetings overview

Quick start guide » Meetings overview

The meetings view lists all your past meetings (blue background) in the left column and any upcoming meetings (green background) in the right column. Your past meetings are sorted with the most recent meeting at the top and your future meetings are sorted the other…

Calendar view

Quick start guide » Calendar view

The calendar view is great to get a quick overview of what is going on and to plan your business. Just like on the meetings and tasks pages you can look at everything or view only those meetings and tasks that have to do with a certain project, department or…