About MeetingKing

How it started

Edwin Siebesma, Founder of MeetingKingIn my jobs as CEO of WinZip and as VP of large retail chains in the Netherlands and Peru (LinkedIn profile), I attended and chaired a lot of meetings and became increasingly frustrated with the lack of results from most meetings.

Having an effective meeting is not complicated:

  • Create an agenda
  • Stay focused
  • Make notes
  • Send minutes or summary
  • Track tasks

My management team and I tried using Word, emails, Excel, tasks managers etc, but nothing really helped us with the complete workflow from meeting preparation to task completion. So after retiring from WinZip, I built a team of experienced developers and started MeetingKing to help you facilitate your meetings so you will have Better, Faster, Fewer Meetings, with less Effort!

Now thousands of businesses, schools, churches, clubs and individuals use MeetingKing to have more effective meetings and to get things done! Check out what users say about MeetingKing and how they use it.


We are a privately held company located in the tech corridor of North East Connecticut between Boston and New York close to the University of Connecticut. We have all the busy business action right around the corner, but can keep our heads cool in the woods of Tolland.

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Edwin Siebesma, Founder