Meeting Agenda Template – Let MeetingKing Do the Work

Easy and Professional Meeting Agenda. Faster than in Word.

Advantages of Using MeetingKing instead of a Microsoft Word Template for Meeting Agenda

  • Use one of the standard templates for your meeting agenda, or create your own
  • Modify any agenda template as you like – move, add and delete topics
  • Save your agenda as a template for next time
  • No Need to type participants, date, time and location – MeetingKing copies this automatically from the meeting request created in Outlook, Google Calendar or iCal
  • Easy distribution – Just click Email Agenda and all participants will receive an email with the agenda
  • Keep track of open tasks – open tasks from previous meetings are automatically added to the meeting minutes
  • Already effective if only organizer has an account

And these are only the advantages when preparing a meeting with MeetingKing. It only becomes even more efficient during the meeting when you make your notes and assign action items, and after the meeting when MeetingKing automatically creates your minutes and manages your complete task list.

MeetingKing is the easiest way to make a professional meeting agenda.

Sample Meeting Agenda Templates

If you are not ready yet, then please feel free to Download Free Meeting Agenda Template. Complete with your information and share with the other meeting participants. But remember it is more work than signing up for MeetingKing and creating your agenda and minutes in this efficient web application.

You honestly do not realise just how much you invest in meeting administration until its gone