What is MeetingKing?

MeetingKing makes it easy to manage, structure, record and follow-up on your meetings. Set the agenda, meet and get things done.

Collaborate before, during and after meetings

A good meeting starts with thorough preparation and ends with clear, well documented minutes and tasks. With MeetingKing all participants can easily work together on the agenda, share documents, and provide updates on tasks.

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All information in one tool and one place

No more confusion about the agenda, always access to the latest presentation, and everyone sees the same notes and action items. All information is in one place and not scattered in your inbox, on a server or in 4 different tools in the cloud.

Get things done

The central interactive task list will make sure that things get done. The task manager will send you automatic reminders. What is more, in your dashboard you can also see what others are supposed to do for you.

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Stay focused

A new issue comes up during a meeting, but it may be outside the scope of the meeting. Simply add it to the Parking Lot and discuss it in another meeting. Your current meeting stays on track and the issue won’t drop off the radar. Find out more about the meeting Parking Lot.

Stay in the loop

As a manager you cannot attend all meetings in your department, but with MeetingKing you can easily see what is discussed, what was decided, and if the action items are completed.

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Search your archive

Don’t waste time on discussing the same issues over and over again. Simply search your past discussions and decisions in MeetingKing to see what was decided.

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