Security and Data-Backup

Keeping your data safe and secure is for us at least as important as it is for you; our reputation depends on it. We use SSL encryption to transfer your data and use industry standard back-up procedures to make sure your data is safe.


In addition to using SSL for secure communication we have selected a reputable and reliable hosting provider for our servers; Linode ( Here’s an overview of their security policies:

Physical Security

On a physical level, security at each facility is made up of several layers. There is either a manned checkpoint or keycard access to get into the building itself (in some places, even the parking lot). Once inside the building, there are several layers of physical security before actually reaching our equipment, including biometric fingerprint, handprint, retina scan, key card, and PIN numbers. In some facilities you are even escorted to your area at this point, but most allow you to make your own way. All of our equipment is in locked cages, so even if someone was wondering free somehow, they would still need a key, thumbprint, or keycard to get into our locked cage.

Network Security

We have our own internal monitoring solutions in place which alerts us to any issues that may arise and address them as quickly and efficiently as possible. We cannot disclose any specific information about these security implementations as this information could potentially be used to circumvent these systems, however you can rest assured that we take a *proactive* approach toward the security of our network.

Xen Security

On the software level, each instance is a fully virtualized instance of a physical machine. Each Xen instance runs its own kernel and user space in a dedicated segment of RAM limited to that instance. There are restrictions in place on the host itself to only allow Xen instances to access the disk images assigned to the account attached to it.

The MeetingKing server is hosted on a Linode located in Newark, NJ:


We back up our complete systems once a day. All backup data is encrypted and securely uploaded (in an encrypted container) to Amazon.