Checklist for Productive and Effective Meetings

Having effective meetings is not rocket science. This meeting checklist with a few simple meeting rules will help you have effective and efficient meetings – you will save time and money and participants will leave energized. Share this meeting checklist so everyone knows what the rules are and what is expected. You can download or print meeting check list for effective meetings here.

There are three stages around meetings: preparation, the actual meeting and follow-up. Neglecting the preparation and follow-up make the actual meeting a waste of time. MeetingKing can help to efficiently manage all three stages. Sign up now.


  • Define a clear goal
  • Select participants
  • Decide the form of the meeting (in person or phone or web conference)
  • Set date and start and end time
  • Distribute agenda and provide supporting material in time
  • Demand that everyone is prepared
  • Designate one person to take notes during the meeting. Consider rotating this function.


Actual Meeting

  • Start on time
  • Repeat the goal of the meeting
  • Provide updates on tasks from previous meeting(s) if applicable
  • Follow to the agenda, stay on time
  • Stay focused, place new topics on parking lot for next meeting
  • Take clear brief notes and distinguish between informational notes and decisions
  • Assign tasks, assign each task to one person and set due date
  • At the end of the meeting:
    • summarize all decisions and tasks
    • schedule follow-up meeting if required
  • end on time



  • Distribute minutes as soon as possible
  • Communicate tasks to task owners
  • Track tasks and follow-up if not completed by due date
  • File minutes in a place where you can easily find them

Ground rules

Ground rules create a productive environment where everyone can contribute in a meaningful way.

  • No cell phones
  • Demand proper preparation
  • No side conversations
  • Attendance means participation
  • It is OK to have different opinions, but communicate a unified decision outward
  • Make sure tasks are executed

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Download or print check list for effective meetings here.