Tour – How does MeetingKing work?

MeetingKing helps you have better meetings with less effort. No more juggling information in separate tools like email, Word, a file sharing service and a separate task manager, MeetingKing helps you from agenda preparation to task completion.

Below is a series screen shots that give a good impression of what MeetingKing does and how it works. For more details you View the Quick Start Guide or the Complete Manual, or better yet try it now for free.

Meeting Preparation

Easily create a meeting agenda in MeetingKing. There are even standard agenda templates.

easily create meeting agenda and minutes in meetingking


Email a professional agenda to all invitees, also the ones who do not have a MeetingKing account. Users can immediately access any attachments.

meeting agenda meetingking

Writing professional meeting minutes

Just write twitter style short bullets…..



…and MeetingKing will turn those in awesome meeting minutes!


Manage your tasks


Get a quick overview of all tasks. They are grouped by Ideas (tasks without a due date), To-dos and Completed tasks.



Find everything by person, project or department


If you need to know what meetings you had with James, regarding project ABC for marketing, you can find that with a few clicks.



Make your meetings more effective, try it!