Testimonials – What Our Users Say

Fantastic. We’ve been using various Google Docs for years. Never realised how antiquated our system had become – it seemed cutting edge at the time! Been using MeetingKing for a few months now – the nicest thing is that there’s almost no learning curve. Great!

— A Google User, in Chrome Web Store

CTC has been using this software to help us organize meetings, making sure our staff meetings are effective and never redundant or disorganized. We are most impressed by the ease and effectiveness of planning the agenda, taking notes live during the meeting against that agenda, being able to park ideas for future discussion and the value of being able to email the automatically formatted minutes of the meeting just afterwards. A great tool for planning groups and committees.

— Paige Rasid, Connecticut Technology Council

Meeting King has been superb. This is a must-have for any meeting minute administrator. Extremely easy to use and customer service is great. Im so glad I found this site!

— Desiree Matthews, Peace Baptist Church, Decatur GA

Switching from OneNote and various different task managers to MeetingKing brought continuity to our meetings, saves time and makes sure nothing falls through the cracks.

— Talasi Hendel – InfraWare

MeetingKing’s integrated task tracking increased our task completion rate by at least 40%

— Oliver O., London UK

It takes a lot to make a university run smoothly, and most faculty are constantly pressed for time. When we do finally find time for a meeting, every second counts. MeetingKing has actually increased meeting attendance because participants feel confident their time isn’t being wasted. My colleagues are now used to the nicely formatted minutes that get emailed out before they leave the room! MeetingKing lets everyone know that I am on top of things and that my meetings matter! Thanks!

— Alex Phillips, Director of Assessment and Curriculum Development Commonwealth Honors College, University of Massachusetts Amherst

MeetingKing is a blessing and a long awaited ally. Allows for true task juggling…without getting hit in the head…(LOL!~)

— James Bush, chrome web store

MeetingKing allows me to better organize my work and therefore I get things done more efficiently.

— Lorelei Gibson, Summer Search

I love its simplicity and Focus! Finally a tool to manage my business.

— Rocco Del Greco, RDG Group, an advertising boutique based in New York

I tried MeetingKing about a year ago and loved it, but I didn’t want to pay because I didn’t attend enough meetings. Over the course of the last year I’ve tried other apps and tried making my own templates but they just never worked as well as MeetingKing. So now I’m back and I couldn’t be happier! MeetingKing is a tremendous time saver, the interface makes taking meeting notes a breeze, tasks are instantly assigned during the meeting so everyone knows what’s expected of them, and it makes organization much easier!! Edwin, the owner of MeetingKing has even personally called me to answer tech questions!! And they continually improve and refine the product. Just use it for a month and you will see the difference it makes.

— Dan Schakel, Chrome Webstore

Fantastic how easy it is to find any meeting or task!

— Pim van den Boom, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

This one of the most amAzingly powerful and efficient apps I have ever came across. We use it across multiple meeting formats. We’ve been using it for about 3 months and still receive rave reviews from everyone for the efficiencies this has created. We anticipate everyone in our local organization adopting MeetingKing. It really is fantastic.

— Ken Cooper, Google Apps Marketplace

Meeting King is the best organizational tool for our organization. We were in need of an online tool which manages meetings from Agenda to Follow Up. It is extremely easy to use and keeps everything organized and accessible in an online portal. It makes meetings simple and much less stressful.

— Craig Vincent, Our Lady of Good Counsel High School, Olney MD

I never considered myself a monarchist until I started using MeetingKing – all hail the king of converge and roll.

— Jafar Hasan, Groupon, London UK

My meetings have never been so organized as with MeetingKing.

— Daniel Nissan, President & CEO StructuredWeb, Inc., New York

I swear by MeetingKing. I would rather cancel a meeting than go into one without it.

— Jesse Johns, Centexsystems

MeetingKing is great, I use it for all of our staff meetings. It saves me a lot of time and the minutes look great!

— Patricia Cruse, Santa Monica Malibu Unified School District

MeetingKing massively simplifies meeting management. I did not realize how difficult I found managing my meetings and how much hard work I put into managing my meetings until I started using MeetingKing. The system taught me how to manage meetings effectively

— Oliver O., London UK

I am a fanatic GTD guy and MeetingKing is the ideal tool for implementing David Allen’s GTD (Getting Things Done) in any organization.

— Jimmy Psillos, General Manager, Crystal Candy, Zimbabwe

I have been using MeetingKing for the last few months and wish I had discovered it years ago, it has truly simplified my life with arrange our 6 weekly Board Meetings.

— Lynette Meryl Sessa, Christchurch, New Zealand

I love this software and wish I had known about it earlier.

— Lynn Sessa, CTN Group

Apart from saving lots of time, MeetingKing solved my budget problems and was crucial to comply with very strict ISO certification requirements.

— Joost Oudejans, Diakonessenhuis Hospital, Utrecht, The Netherlands

You honestly do not realise just how much you invest in meeting administration until its gone

— Aaron Alsweiler, CEO StorMan Software, New Zealand

MeetingKing is great for people who don’t do meetings!

— Rupert Watson, director Root6, London, UK

A few months ago, I was fortunate enough to find MeetingKing.com while searching for an Online meeting management tool. I frequently have to arrange and manage meetings, in which complex issues are addressed, business decisions are made and project tasks are assigned. MeetingKing offers the perfect set of tools to schedule a meeting, create and distribute an agenda, take the meeting notes, flag certain notes as “decisions”, assign tasks (with due dates and email reminders) and distribute the meeting minutes to the participants of your choice, when the meeting is over! It is the most comprehensive meeting management tool I’ve ever used, while offering an easy-to use, intuitive interface. I highly recommend MeetingKing!

— CJ – Project Manager, Plantation, Florida

MeetingKing is the best solution I know of for writing, managing, and distributing agendas and minutes. I pay for the service because it actually saves me time, and makes it easy to distribute documents to people on my meeting lists. I also really like how task reminders are automatically emailed to people assigned a task. Again, that’s a huge time saver. Thanks so much for this service.

— –Bakari Chavanu, California, Freelance Writer

This is an awesome app!!! Never seen something like this before. Saves you time on reporting minutes, this allows you to go and get the work done without having to write minutes for 1-2 hrs.

— Christian Aguirre, Google Chrome Webstore

I have used Meetingking now for several weeks and find it very useful in making meetings more effective. Focus and energy go towards the meeting and not the administrative process around it. Scheduling follow up meetings, the distribution and follow up of assigned tasks, preparation and sending of minutes…it’s all made easy and efficient.

— Arie Endendijk, Intersnack Group, Duesseldorf, Germany

I started using MeetingKing several months ago and one by one, each of our managers has asked to be added to the account. They are now all using it to help them run more efficient meetings, record decisions, agree on actions, assign them to the appropriate person – then top of the tasks through to completion. Its all done so simply and intuitively that it get used all the time. Great job!

— Beverly Hacker, chrome web store

I have been using MeetingKing for a number of months now and it is great – it is really helping me to manage meetings and track actions as a result

— Andrew Brown, Carros, France

It was easy to get started with MeetingKing and I needed no instructions on how to work with it. I like how you can just fill in the fields and when you click print it is already formatted.

— Roshni Patel, University of Aberdeen

In addition to having a centralized archive and a team task list, we are now also much better prepared for our meetings.

— Efrain Longart, Technology Partners, Inc., Puerto Rico

Absolutely a MUST to lead a meeting. The screens are simple and intuitive to use. I get the feeling that the developers actually used this app and refined it before releasing it- so it actually does what you expect it to do. The support is INCREDIBLE- the developer will actually email and CALL you back!!
MeetingKing helps meetings be more organized, stay on topic and most importantly for me– get more done in less time!! People in my company have actually started using MeetingKing as well because our meetings are now shorter than scheduled and people feel meetings are now productive instead of just sitting around talking about things that never come to life. I tried the free version but within days realized the benefit and signed up.

— Dan S., Chrome Web Store


— James Ross, Promapp.com, New Zealand

We are using this app to help us not only track our meetings, but also to document corrective actions, assign tasks, monitor progress, organize our meeting structure, and improve communication between all participants. This really takes the monotony out of managing projects. It’s also been very helpful in addressing accountability. The tasks are assigned during the meeting, a date is agreed upon and the email alert is sent. The ability to recall and group functions makes finding and grouping your projects easy. It’s incredibly user friendly and intuitive. I also love the amount of support we have received when we had questions.

— Selina Hart, Google Apps Marketplace