MeetingKing is the easiest way to prepare your agenda, write meeting minutes and manage tasks. It pays itself many times with only one meeting a month.

Meeting participants do NOT need to have a MeetingKing account. Participants can sign up for a FREE MeetingKing account and collaborate, provide comments and update tasks.

Other payment methods

If you prefer a different method of payment than credit card, you can contact us. You can pay annual plans via check, transfer or PayPal.

Cancel anytime

You can cancel any time and your subscription will stop at the end of the period you paid for.

How secure is MeetingKing?

Keeping your data safe and secure is for us at least as important as it is for you; our reputation depends on it. We use SSL encryption to transfer your data and use industry standard back-up procedures to make sure your data is safe. More on security and backup procedures.

Is it worth my money?

Yes more than what you are paying! We can only exist if users see value in MeetingKing. Efficiency gains will more than pay for your monthly fees for meeting organizers. Calculate how much your meetings cost and how much you can save.