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Are you looking for an easy way to create your meeting agenda? MeetingKing is the most efficient meeting agenda software to easily create your agenda and prepare your meetings.

The MeetingKing meeting agenda software automates most of the work for you, so you can focus on the content and more importantly since it is so easy you will have a meeting agenda for your next meeting.

I swear by MeetingKing. I would rather cancel a meeting than go into one without it.

Jesse Johns


staff meeting agenda template

Agenda Templates

MeetingKing provides a number of standard meeting agenda templates that make it really easy to get started. We provide a standard meeting agenda template for board meetings, a staff meeting agenda template, management team meeting agenda template, sales meeting agenda template, rotary meeting agenda template, etc.

You can also very easily create your own meeting agenda templates.


MeetingKing automatically formats your agenda. No need to format your information in Word or Google docs, MeetingKing does it all for you.

When you are done with your agenda you can email it to all participants directly from the application. Invitees to the meeting do NOT need a MeetingKing account!

Copy from Outlook and Google Calendar

MeetingKing can copy the title, list of participants, the date, time and location from your meeting request in Google Calendar, Outlook or iCal. No need to retype this information, it is automatically added to your Meeting agenda document.

Task follow-up

Most meetings result in tasks, but if you don’t follow-up you might as well not have had the meeting. In MeetingKing you can link a series of meetings. Tasks from the previous meeting(s) are automatically added to the agenda of your new meeting. Overdue tasks show in red and no-one wants to have his name in red!


Often you need to send a report, a spreadsheet, a design or other file with your agenda. This involves finding the file attaching it to (another) email message and then when there is an update of the file everyone is confused about what version. In MeetingKing you can include the file right into your agenda and all invitees (also the ones without an account) can download the attachment directly from the automatically emailed agenda.

Easy meeting minutes

When you have your meeting the agenda serves as the basis for your meeting. Simple make notes, write decisions and assign tasks right in the agenda and MeetingKing will automatically convert them to professionally formatted meeting minutes!