Are you tired of unproductive meetings in your business?

Meetings are an essential part of running a business. Effective meetings will help to move your project or company forward, while bad meetings are a waste of time and will negatively impact your company culture.

Meetings are expensive, we can help you save money and make your company meetings more productive.

People bored during a meeting

You honestly do not realise just how much you invest in meeting administration until its gone

— Aaron Alsweiler, CEO StorMan Software, New Zealand

How does MeetingKing help?
Agenda and meeting minutes templates
Task tracking
Case studies and success stories
Costs of meetings
General tips on how to run effective business meetings

How does MeetingKing help you run effective business meetings

The two main reasons for unproductive meetings are:

  • Participants are not prepared
  • There is limited or no follow-up

The MeetingKing meeting management software automates the entire workflow before, during and after the meeting and assists you with the agenda, writing the meetings minutes and task tracking, so you will have more productive meetings

Getting started is easy, after sign up the product will guide you through it and you will have your first agenda or meeting minutes done in no time.

The more meetings you have, the more powerful MeetingKing becomes. You can easily sort and find any meeting and any task, so you can stay on top of you business and nothing will fall through the cracks anymore.

Agenda and meeting minutes templates

Type of meeting Sample agenda template Sample meeting minutes template
Board meeting template Sample Board Meeting Agenda Template Sample Board Meeting Minutes Template
Management team meeting template Sample Management Team Meeting Agenda Template Sample Management Team Meeting Minutes Template
Staff meeting template Sample Staff Meeting Agenda Template Sample Staff Meeting Minutes Template
Annual meeting template Sample Annual Meeting Agenda Template Coming soon

It was easy to get started with MeetingKing and I needed no instructions on how to work with it. I like how you can just fill in the fields and when you click print it is already formatted.

— Roshni Patel, University of Aberdeen
If you run a company or department you probably have many different types of meetings. There are board meetings, sales meetings, staff meetings, project meetings, etc.

To help you get started MeetingKing offers templates for your agendas and meeting minutes. The product offers standard meeting templates for your agendas and meeting minutes, and you can very easily create your own.

Creating your agenda and writing the minutes now requires very little time, as you load the structure of the meeting with a meeting template and the information like title, list of participants, date, time and location are imported from your meeting request from Outlook, iCal or Google Calendar. A huge time savings over using Word and email.

sample board meeting agenda template with attachment

Task tracking

Productive meetings result in tasks and you need an effective way to make sure tasks are completed. MeetingKing helps by:
Tasks are automatically added to the agenda of the new meeting, so you can start your meeting with an update on tasks from the previous meeting
powerful task manager helps you to filter all tasks by project, department or person
System can send out task reminders


To prevent duplicate discussions you need meeting notes or meeting minutes. However, if you cannot find past minutes, because there are “somewhere” on the server, they are useless. MeetingKing makes it extremely easy to find any minutes.

Case studies and success stories

Joost Oudejans Diakonessenhuis

See how Diakonessenhuis Hospital met ISO requirements with MeetingKing

Costs of meetings

Meetings have three types of cost associated with them:


Administrative costs, preparation (agenda) and follow-up (minutes and task tracking). Meeting users report hours of savings by creating the agenda and minutes in MeetingKing.

The time all participants spend in a meeting. This can add up to a lot.

Meetings have a huge influence on your company culture. If bad meetings are the norm in a company, people will feel it is “acceptable” to waste time and will spend more time on Facebook, etc. Great meetings however will get the team proud of what was accomplished and excited about what needs to be done.

General tips on how to run effective business meetings

To help you become the meeting king or queen in your organization, we have some resources with general meeting tips. Whether you use MeetingKing or a combination of Word, email and a task manager, these articles help to have more productive meetings
How to create meeting agenda
How to write meeting minutes
Managing meeting tasks
Checklist for productive meetings