We just announced the first public beta of MeetingKing.

We have been working hard the last few months and added a lot of new functionality and fixed some pre-release bugs. Some of the features we added are:

  • “Follow-up meetings” – When creating a new meeting you can link it back to a previous meeting. This will automatically copy all the logistical information (invitees, dial-in info, etc) and will automatically populate the agenda with open action items from previous meetings and list any topics that were placed in the parking lot in one of the previous meetings.
  • Parking Lot -If during a meeting a new, unrelated topic comes up, or you cannot finish certain topics, you can drag and drop the topic on the Parking Lot and move it to the agenda of a next meeting.
  • Minutes and agenda are now also in the body of the email message in addition to the PDF attachment. The user does not have to open a separate PDF-file and users who use their inbox as an archive can find anything from any meeting by simply doing a search in their email application.

MeetingKing is ready for the world to start using it, help us spread the news!

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