17 years??? Why not 10 or 20? Well, a friend of mine just forwarded me a great article about meetings (he was bored during a meeting … he is in the process of convincing his superiors to use MeetingKing). Since it was a very good article about the problems around meetings, I wanted to leave a comment. Turns out the article was from 1996!

You be the judge but after reading the article, but to me it seems many of us are still experiencing the same challenges with meetings we were 17 years ago. Why is having good, productive meetings so hard?

Countless books have been written about meetings, companies hire expensive consultants to train their people and yet we continue to have unproductive meetings.

140 years ago US Army Brigadier General Henry Martyn Robert wrote Robert’s Rules of Order to improve meetings and I am sure that there were meeting consultants during the time of Julius Ceasar!

Does this mean we should sit back and conclude that meetings will always be terrible? NO! I was fed up with bad meetings and solved it. Having productive meetings is not rocket science, but you have to invest time in it and MeetingKing makes that investment for you minimal. A meeting is like an exam, if you don’t study for the exam, you will fail. If you don’t prepare for a meeting, it will be a waste of time.

The basics for a good meeting are:

  1. Be well prepared
  2. Follow-up

To make these steps easier we started MeetingKing. We built a tool that is your digital assistant before, during and after the meeting.


  • offers agenda templates
  • adds tasks from previous meetings onto the agenda for updates
  • collaborate on agenda
  • automatic distribution of agenda
  • etc.

During the meeting:

  • Easy note taking
  • Parking Lot to stay on track

After the meeting:

  • Automatic generation of professional meeting minutes
  • Central task list
  • Ability to provide comments
  • Powerful archive with past discussions

So what we will say in 17 years? We are working hard to create that turning point in history:
2013 – MeetingKing changed the way meetings are managed. If you want to be part of history sign in now and use MeetingKing for your next meetings.

You can find the 17 years old, still current, but not for long anymore, article at: http://www.fastcompany.com/26726/seven-sins-deadly-meetings

Happy Meetings!

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