Meeting templates for your agendas and meeting minutes

Save time and create create your agendas and meeting minutes in MeetingKing. It is much easier and faster than in Word or Google docs. Invitees do not need a MeetingKing account.

Below is a list of standard meeting templates. You can easily modify these meeting templates or create your own from scratch.

Sample meeting templates

Below are some sample meeting templates automatically created with MeetingKing. These templates are included in the product, so you can start using them immediately.

In a series of meetings, MeetingKing will automatically add the tasks from the previous meeting to the agenda of your new meeting!

Type of meeting Sample agenda template Sample meeting minutes template
Board meeting template Sample Board Meeting Agenda Template Sample Board Meeting Minutes Template
Management team meeting template Sample Management Team Meeting Agenda Template Sample Management Team Meeting Minutes Template
Staff meeting template Sample Staff Meeting Agenda Template Sample Staff Meeting Minutes Template
Annual meeting template Sample Annual Meeting Agenda Template Coming soon

These are just a few of the standard meeting templates available in MeetingKing. There are also meeting templates for interviews with job applicants, for club meetings, personnel performance review meetings and more.