, a collaboration service owned by, will close its doors (website) at the end January. This obviously really stinks if you have been relying on to run your business. However, every negative has a positive, and this is a great time for you to consider MeetingKing as your replacement.

Just like, MeetingKing is a collaboration tool to manage your tasks, your business, your projects, basically your (professional) life. However MeetingKing offers something more that none of the other collaboration tools (including offer: a workflow tool for productive meetings.

circle of business consists of projects, meetings and tasks

Running a business is about three things:

  • You manage projects or departments
  • You have meetings to discuss your projects and departments
  • You create tasks in your meetings

MeetingKing is the only tool that assists you in all three steps.

So if you have been using and are looking for an alternative, sign up for MeetingKing and see how easy it is to collaborate on tasks, manage your business and get things done.

Start your free trail now.

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