Sports clubs enjoy MeetingKing for free

manage your soccer club meetings for free with MeetingKingIf you are a volunteer on the board of your local sports club you probably have quite a few meetings. Creating the agenda and writing the minutes is an ungrateful and time consuming task and keeping track of all agreed upon tasks is often a challenge.

MeetingKing is a meeting documentation and task management application and can help you from preparing the agenda, to writing the minutes to tracking all club tasks.

You can use it for all your board meetings and all the meetings of your clubs (sub)committees. It saves tons of time and nothing will fall through the cracks any more.

MeetingKing is free for all 100% volunteer run sports clubs.

We believe sports is incredibly important. To support volunteers with all the work they do for their local soccer club, basketball club, Lacrosse club, baseball club and all the other sports clubs out there, we will give your club a free MeetingKing subscription. MeetingKing will save the volunteers valuable spare time, help you manage your club and give everyone more time to actually enjoy doing sports!

Of course we hope that board members who use MeetingKing for their volunteer work at the local sports club, will see the benefits and start using it at their day jobs!

This offer is only valid for sports clubs that are ran 100% by volunteers. Sports clubs that have any paid employees or consultants do not qualify, as the time savings that MeetingKing offers more than compensate for the cost of the subscription.

In the mean time you can start using MeetingKing by signing up for the free 30-day trial.