In addition to having a centralized archive and a team task list, we are now also much better prepared for our meetings.

— Efrain Longart, Technology Partners, Inc., Puerto Rico

Efrain Longart, MeetingKing user

Recently I spoke with Efrain Longart partner of Technology Partners, Inc.

Technology Partners develops Custom Software, sophisticated reports with Business Intelligence technology and provides Database maintenance services for its customers. The company has 5 partners, employs +30 people and is located in Puerto Rico.


The company’s partners meet 2 to 3 times per month to discuss general business issues and the long term direction of the company. After each meeting a memo with the minutes was sent to the participants, and this memo invariably disappeared in the inbox without a second glance. Tasks were recorded in a separate task manager ( but missed the context of the actual discussion and it was difficult to link tasks back to a meeting.

The company needed a central repository for all meeting minutes and a centralized task system connected to the meeting notes.

How MeetingKing helped

MeetingKing combines the ability to make notes and assign tasks in one document. Now the partners have a complete overview of each discussion and can easily go back months and find the context for a certain task. Since it is much faster to create and distribute the meeting minutes, there is no delay in preparing these documents, so important details are not forgotten.

In addition to solving the problem of needing the notes and tasks in one document and a central archive, it turned out that the ability to easily create an agenda was huge benefit for Technology Partners.

In the past the past preparing the agenda by pulling information from the previous minutes, the task tool and then sending an email with the new agenda took so much time, that in most cases there was not a useful agenda. The follow-up meeting feature adds the tasks from previous meeting(s) automatically to the agenda, so nothing will fall through the cracks.

“With MeetingKing all partners are now much better prepared for each meeting,” said Efrain, “and because of this better preparation, our meetings are much more organized, more productive and shorter.”

Most valuable feature

Centralized archive and follow-up meetings.

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