Switching from OneNote and various different task managers to MeetingKing brought continuity to our meetings, saves time and makes sure nothing falls through the cracks.

— Talasi Hendel – InfraWare

Talasi Hendel is Director of Solutions Realization of InfraWare, Inc., a healthcare documentation technology provider located in Indiana. Talasi and her colleagues at InfraWare have been using MeetingKing for more than 2 years, since January 2014, to streamline their meetings and manage their tasks. Talasi has been giving us a lot of very constructive feedback that helps us to continue to improve the MeetingKing service.


In her role of Director of Solutions Realization, Talasi wears many different hats. She coordinates with the development team to manage new development projects, functions as business analyst for future development of the products, is responsible for all training including the coordination of all trainers and for the documentation of the platform.

All these roles and responsibilities result in many meetings with her team members, as well as with outside parties. Talasi has always been very disciplined in setting an agenda, but properly preparing all meetings took a lot of time to ensure continuity in the the discussion from meeting to meeting. To create the agenda and write the minutes she used Microsoft OneNote, but this was a very labor intensive process to manually prepare and document the meetings and ensure continuity.

To manage all tasks she used various different task management tools, but none offered a practical way to automatically link tasks back to a meeting, make sure it appeared on the next agenda and at the same time organize those tasks by project or discipline.

The solution

Talasi was looking for a genuine General Management tool, that could help her to:

  • save time
  • ensure continuity in all her meetings
  • juggle all her projects
  • make sure nothing would fall through the cracks

Her CEO found MeetingKing, which made all this possible. For the last 2 years she has had MeetingKing open the entire day, often 3 or 4 session at the same time.

Talasi works remotely and for most of her meetings she shares her screen with the agenda in MeetingKing through GotoMeeting, so the others can focus on the actual discussion while seeing the agenda and the notes she is making. She automatically emails the agenda from MeetingKing before the meeting, so everyone is prepared and the discussion is more focused and to the point.

To ensure continuity from meeting to meeting she uses the follow-up feature and participants update and comment on tasks from the previous meeting so everyone is up-to-date. This follow-up feature ensures that no task from previous meetings will fall through the cracks and she can copy topics from meeting to meeting to continue the discussion. A huge improvement over using OneNote and various task management tools that were not connected to the meeting notes or the agenda.

The ability to segregate all meeting information and all tasks (also tasks that were not created in meetings) by project and discipline, helps her to keep a good overview and stay on top of things.

In the morning Talasi checks the dashboard to see what she needs to do and to verify that tasks that were assigned to others were actually completed. If tasks are not completed she will follow-up with a comment that is automatically emailed to the task owner. She and her colleagues use the comment function for tasks extensively so there is a record of the discussion, the progress and any possible hiccups. These comments are also visible in the discussion of the original meeting and in the agenda of the following meeting.

The results

Talasi started using MeetingKing as a powerful tool to manage her meeting agendas and meeting notes. It saves her time and automatically creates a great archive of all meeting notes, so they can always find back what was discussed. It also brought the continuity from meeting to meeting she was looking for.

When Talasi started using MeetingKing she did not expect to also find an all-in-one task and project management tool. Soon after she started using it, she realized that the task and project management features in MeetingKing are very powerful and flexible and are exactly what she was looking for. She stopped using all other tasks applications and now manages all her tasks and those of her team in MeetingKing.

For her MeetingKing is a true general management tool to improve productivity and stay on top of things.

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