The Modern Meeting Standard and How MeetingKing Can Help

If you haven’t read the book The Modern Meeting Standard by Al Pittampalli, you should, if you are familiar with this book, you may think that MeetingKing was based on it. This is obviously not the case since we started developing MeetingKing long before Al published his book, but the similarities in philosophy and the applicability are amazing. Maybe Al and I are either brilliant or it is just common sense and Al wrote a book about it and I made an application to help you improve your meetings.

Whether it is brilliance or common sense, below is an overview of how MeetingKing can help you with your Modern Meeting.


The Modern Meeting Standard

How MeetingKing applies

The Modern Meeting supports a decision that has already been made. The agenda in MeetingKing can be used as a pre-meeting discussion platform; meeting invitees can provide comments on the preliminary decision. If there are strong opinions or objections then the meeting makes sense ? you solve the conflict. If everybody agrees then there maybe no need for the meeting.If the decision leads to profound action you should have a meeting to coordinate and figure out how to implement it. The built in task manager helps you to coordinate and stay on track.
The Modern Meeting moves fast and ends on schedule. In MeetingKing you can enter a meeting start and end time, and you can allot time for each topic. Meeting participants know they have to finish a topic in a certain amount of time. No time for chit-chat. Deadlines force parties to make decisions.
The Modern Meeting limits the number of attendees. You have to decide who will attend, if you are considering inviting some people to just keep them informed, give them read only access to the meeting. MeetingKing will automatically send the complete minutes with no extra work for you.
The Moderns Meeting rejects the unprepared. Preparing an agenda in MeetingKing is a breeze. Invitees can add topics, provide comments and attach supporting material. No longer an avalanche of emails with additions and revisions and labor intensive work of updating a word document.What is more, in case of a follow-up meeting all action items as well as any possible parking lot items from previous meetings are automatically added to the agenda.

Everything is in one place and up-to-date, so no more excuses for arriving unprepared.

The Modern Meeting produces committed action plans. MeetingKing is all about recording the essence of the meeting quickly and easily. You scribble a short bullet and save it as a note, decision or task and MeetingKing will take care of all administrative work. Its powerful task management tool will email reminders and a dashboard shows your tasks and tasks others have to do for you.Agree on the action and get it done!
The Modern Meeting refuses to be informational. Reading memos is mandatory. In MeetingKing you can add attachments to your agenda and notes. No more excuses that you could not find the information, everything is in one place instead of separate emails and file sharing services.
The Modern Meeting works only alongside a culture of brainstorming. MeetingKing can support your brainstorming sessions. The rules for a brainstorming session are very different, but you still want to properly document it. MeetingKing is your administrative assistant, just save all ideas as notes and later filter out the good ones you want to build on.Recording your brainstorm sessions in MeetingKing will make sure you can find it back.

If you apply the Modern Meeting Standard and use MeetingKing to properly document your meeting, you will dramatically improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your meetings. Be critical about meetings, prepare, make decisions and get things done.

Remember MeetingKing is a documentation tool, your administrative assistant, which turns brief notes into actionable information. So in addition to documenting your Modern Meeting and brainstorm sessions it will also help you to document:
* Conversations: write down the key decisions and action items
* Group work sessions: mostly you will be working together on getting something done, but if there are tasks that come out of the session, document them in MeetingKing.

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