Rupert Watson Director of Root6

MeetingKing is great for people who don’t do meetings!

— Rupert Watson, director Root6, London, UK

logo root6Root6 is the largest reseller for video production equipment and software in the UK. The company has 3 offices and employs 40 people. Rupert Watson is one of the 3 directors and has been using MeetingKing since May 2012.

The Problem

Root6 implements a variety of large video systems for many different clients. Each implementation is a separate project, in most cases managed by the customer. With each implementation the Root6 team would have a weekly meeting with the entire project team to discuss the state of the implementation and to make decisions on next steps.

These weekly meetings were quite informal, but at a certain point, the team concluded that this informal weekly gathering was not productive. Items would be repeated in multiple meetings and there was no accountability.

For some meetings the minutes were created in MS Word, but because writing meeting minutes in Word takes so much time, most meetings ended without an official record of what was discussed, what was decided and what needed to be done. It seems the longer you wait with making minutes, the less likely it is they will be done, and the more mistakes they will contain.

Since there was no record for most meetings, there was no accountability and tasks were not completed.

The solution

Rupert was looking for an easy to use solution to take meeting notes and manage tasks. The search was for a meeting minutes template and he found MeetingKing.

MeetingKing does exactly what he was looking for, an easy way to make notes to document a meeting, and an integrated task management system to make sure that projects would stay on track.

With MeetingKing the minutes are done the minute the meeting ends. The simplicity of MeetingKing allows him to focus on the content of the meeting and not on the formatting and the layout of the documents. Within the project team there is now clarity and accountability on all tasks and each weekly meeting starts with an update on the tasks from previous meetings. By linking meetings to each other, the tasks from previous meetings are automatically added to the agenda of the new meeting.

Writing meeting minutes in MeetingKing is painless and saves a lot of time over the traditional way of writing minutes in Word.

The results

Having a great record of all of their meetings has helped Root6 to become more efficient in project implemenation.

The results are numerous:

  • it is clear what was agreed, nothing gets lost any more,
  • no unnecessary repeat discussions
  • there is a logical follow-up on decisions and tasks
  • there is clear accountability
  • there is a great archive with historical data to quickly look up past decisions
  • all meeting information is centrally available without any additional work of copying the minutes onto sharepoint.

Agenda and task tracking

What started as a search for a meeting minutes template now helps the company to streamline the entire meeting process for all projects. The team really values the follow-up functionality where tasks from previous meetings are automatically added to the agenda of the new meeting.

Management team meetings and personnel reviews

After Rupert started using MeetingKing for the project implementation meetings, he realized the value for all his meetings. He now also manages all management meetings and personnel reviews in MeetingKing. He uses a standard template to structure these meetings and all action items can be easily tracked.

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