Right before the holiday break we have more great news:

Export your tasks to an Excel file.

MeetingKing has a great tasks page, but sometimes you just want to work with your tasks in an other application or want to have a backup of all your tasks. Now you can.

In your tasks page simply click the Download Button and we will send you an email with your task list in an xlsx file. Now you can open your tasks list in Excel, Google apps and many other applications.

download MeetingKing tasks in Excel

Manage your MeetingKing task list in Excel, Google Sheet, etc

If you want to update a task, no problem simply click the link in the spreadsheet and the task will open in MeetingKing.

Do you need to understand the context of the task, the related discussion, again no problem, there is a link to open the relevant meeting in MeetingKing.

You can even mark tasks complete directly from your spreadsheet without logging in!

manage tasks in excel

Sorting and task analysis

In your spreadsheet you can sort your tasks by due date, date of completion, date of creation, owner etc. You can even make a quick analysis who is always late with completing his/her tasks!

Export only the tasks you need

If you are working on a specific project or have a meeting with one particular person, simply add the person’s name and/or project to the filter and you can export only those tasks.

More on the way

We hope this new funtionality will help you run your business. More good stuff is on the way!

Happy Tasking!

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