Today there is an interesting article by Scott Gerber on, that is worth sharing. Twelve entrepreneurs share their ideas on how to encourage creativity during meetings.

According to the article you will promote creativity when you get rid of a rigid structure, set only limited boundaries and let everyone speak up. The other important outcome is, that at the end the ideas need to be translated into results. Next steps and tasks need to be defined to keep track of progress and hold the team accountable. Of course this is where MeetingKing can help. Summarize your discussion, define and assign tasks and schedule your next meeting to measure progress.

Here are some quotes from the article, stressing the importance of documenting and tracking:

“At the end of every brainstorming meeting, we assign next steps, go around the room to ensure everyone knows her individual follow-ups, and set clear next steps for regrouping.”

“Once we pick our way to go, we use transparency of progress as a way to create accountability.”

“It is definitely an accomplishment to be able to erase something when it has been completed.”

“It’s understood that even the most exciting, cool idea will need results.”

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