Digitalization is the need of the hour. With this current Pandemic everything has changed drastically, starting from a halt on stepping out, offices coming to our homes and social distancing becoming the new normal. The biggest change has been accepting the need for virtualization. As human beings, we prefer in-person interaction and virtual meetings is a less preferred option. Now, it is not an option anymore, it is mandatory and has become an integral part of our lives. The sooner we accept this, the better it is for us. As they say, the only constant is change. Therefore, now it is time for us to accept the digital world and mold ourselves to make the best of it. After all, digitalization is here to make our lives easy.

The world is in dire need to have an effective communication tool to continue building knowledge, working with our associates, team, clients, and move ahead. Fortunately there are many useful options to communicate with others. Zoom has seen a spectacular growth in the last few months as have Google meetings, Facebook meetings and many other virtual meeting tools. As our professional lives are moving towards virtual meetings, it is even more important to ensure the effectiveness and productivity of the meeting. We cannot deny the fact that physical meetings have proved to be more effective than the virtual ones as the productivity of any human is higher when working together in a team with the presence of fellow teammates. In normal in-person meetings there is often already miscommunication and a difference in interpreting on what was discussed, but with virtual meetings this risk is exponentially larger. To reduce the risk of miscommunication and to ensure that all meeting participants are on the same page, an effective meeting documentation tool like MeetingKing is paramount.

MeetingKing helps you to have more effective meetings, for both in-person and virtual meetings. MeetingKing is useful before the meeting, during the meeting, and after the meeting. As they say, 80 % of the work is done with effective planning. An effective meeting begins by setting a clear meeting agenda. Many people find meetings are a total waste of time and money and hence, they come unprepared. To ensure your meeting is effective, it is important to share the agenda with the team well in advance. The next step in managing an effective meeting is writing down a proper summary of the discussion, of all decisions and action points. Unfortunately this too is a dreaded task and therefore ignored. To get people to make notes and assign tasks during a meeting, it is important to have a tool that is efficient, easy to work with, and does not require any time after the meeting to complete the notes and assign tasks. MeetingKing is your virtual assistant and does the boring work. Just write down short notes and tasks during the meeting and MeetingKing will automatically create meeting minutes and email the tasks. The final step to ensure you have an effective meeting, is to follow-up on tasks. If agreed upon action items are not completed, the meeting was useless. Fortunately all this does not have to be complicated or time consuming; MeetingKing offers an integral solution and there is no need to fiddle around with different software.

The key to a successful meeting is AMT (Agenda-Minutes-Tasks)

  1. Create Agenda: The agenda of the meeting is the foundation that ensures the effectiveness and productivity of the meeting.
  2. Meeting Minutes: . Every participant may have a different interpretation and conclusion of a discussion, therefore concise meeting minutes will avoid any confusion.
  3. Assign Tasks & Follow-up: The entire discussion is in vain if it does not result in action. Hence, tasks should be assigned, and followed up on to make sure the task is completed.

In addition to following the AMT method for your virtual meetings during these times of crisis, make sure you make the communication as personal and human as possible. Welcome your colleagues and other meeting participants with a smile. As we know, in communication with other people, our facial expressions and body language are as important as the choice of words. The more energetic you are, the more others will actively participate. If you are feeling low, your team will not find any interest in meeting and drift off and do other things. High energy and excitement will make your meeting dynamic and effective. The utilization of MeetingKing software is like the cherry on the cake and will make your meeting more productive.

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