MeetingKing has a cool new feature: create private notes, decisions and tasks right in your agenda or meeting minutes.

In preparation of a meeting you may want to make some notes, add a link to an article, write down a list of arguments that you want to use during the discussion or include a graph of photo you want to show. Some of these you share with the team before the meeting, but other items you may want to keep for yourself so you can bring them up during the meeting. Now you can do both right in the agenda in MeetingKing.

During the meeting you can make private notes and assign private tasks too. These private tasks can be either for yourself or for participants of the meeting or someone else. Your private tasks will show up in your dashboard and in the dashboard of the person you assign the task to. As always, the task owner will also receive an email with the task, as well as a reminder on the due date if not completed yet.

Others cannot see these private notes and tasks and they will not show up in the emailed minutes, but you have them handy for your own reference.

saving a private note in your agenda or minutes

Making a private note is just as simple as creating team notes. Just write the note, check the check box next to the lock and save your note as a note, decision or task. You can also attach a file or include a link to another site or a file. MeetingKing will take care of the rest.

Another example of having all information in one place.

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