Meetings at sports clubs should be managed just like any other meeting, if they are to be effective. Whether it is a monthly meeting of the soccer club, the hockey club annual general meeting, or the baseball board meeting, all sports clubs meetings should be properly run. Meetings are essential to effectively manage matters relating to your club, make decisions about the running of the club and decide on upcoming activities.

Meeting tool for soccer club meetings, basket ball club meetings, football club meetings, hockey club meetings, etc.

Meeting tool for soccer club meetings, basket ball club meetings, football club meetings, hockey club meetings, etc.

Meetings are a way to ensure the smooth running of all of the club’s functions and offer an opportunity to get the members involved in important matters. In most cases it is a legal requirement that clubs hold a certain number of meetings per year, and that those meetings should be documented. Documentation requirements often include posting the agenda before the meeting and making the minutes available after the meeting.

MeetingKing can help with these requirements and if you make your meeting public, which means the PDF versions of the agenda and minutes are publicly visible, you can even use it for free. No need to upload your documents to a server or web site just email or post the link to the minutes on MeetingKing.

Setting the agenda is a breeze there are even a number of standard agenda templates that you can use to quickly get started. Decisions made during sports club meetings can be noted into the minutes while the meeting is underway, and tasks assigned to people can be tracked through MeetingKing. Those assigned to organizing fixtures or logistics relating to games will automatically be reminded of any tasks that they are allocated using MeetingKing. This means that important sports club meeting decisions are not forgotten, but it is also an efficient way to manage sub committees.

Information about club registrations, coaching, fund raising events and other matters pertaining to the smooth running of the club can be kept in the minutes so that people can access them later and remember what was decided. When minutes are noted down, they should not be a detailed record of absolutely everything that was said, but instead they should cover the most important points, including decisions and action items.

Decisions reached at club meetings usually have to be agreed by a set number of people or “quorum” to be able to be implemented. The details of the number of people that voted for a particular decision can be recorded so that if decisions are challenged later, the information is available for other club members to review and see that the meeting was managed fairly. Often at sports club meetings, the financial matters of the club need to be discussed. The financial statements can be attached to the agenda in MeetingKing and circulated before the meeting to all attendees. This allows participants to review the statements beforehand and be ready with any questions that they have, meaning that the meeting can move along more quickly and cover the most important points.

The elected chairperson at the sports club meeting can control how the meeting stays on track by using the “Parking Lot”. If the discussion steers away from the points on the agenda, then items that may be important for discussion but not necessarily at this meeting can be added to the Parking Lot. This means that important issues do not get forgotten later. It is the role of the sports club meeting chairperson to be firm about sticking to the agenda, otherwise club members in attendance may get frustrated at the slow progress of the meeting.

Board members of sports clubs are often volunteers and since managing the club is not their day to day activity, an efficient way of documenting everything and managing tasks is extremely important. MeetingKing can help your club at no charge. Sign up now and try it for your next club meeting.

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