Joost Oudejans Diakonessenhuis

Apart from saving lots of time, MeetingKing solved my budget problems and was crucial to comply with very strict ISO certification requirements.

— Joost Oudejans, Diakonessenhuis Hospital, Utrecht, The Netherlands

Joost Oudejans is Clinical pathologist and head of the pathology department at the Diakonessenhuis Hospital in Utrecht, The Netherlands. He has been a MeetingKing user since 2012 and is now also using MeetingKing for the Netherlands Organization of Pathology Professionals. Joost has given us a lot of useful feedback and suggestions that you now see in the product. We are very grateful for that.

The Problem

diakonessen hospital utrechtJoost holds a weekly management team meeting for his department in the Diakonessenhuis Hospital. The hospital management system standards are ISO 15189 certified, which means that the operations have to meet certain requirements. The goal of ISO certification is to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization’s operations.

Meetings play a central role in any operation and one of the requirements for the ISO 15189 certification is proper documentation of meetings and the resulting task lists and a way to make sure that tasks are tracked after creation.

Trying to write the minutes in word and manage tasks in excel and email did not work, because it was too labor intensive. Time constraints resulted in meetings without minutes and no task lists. The organization did not meet the ISO requirements and worse, agreed upon action items fell through the cracks and were not completed.

The solution

The pain was acute, there was no budget for an administrative assistant, so it was either working (more) overtime or cutting back somewhere else.

To facilitate the meeting minutes process, Joost did a search on-line for a meeting minutes for Word. Instead he found MeetingKing, started using it and never looked back.

The results

MeetingKing did exactly what he needed it to do, make great meeting minutes, and much more. Taking notes during the meeting is fast and easy. Immediately after the meeting Joost reviews and tweaks his notes and with one click Joost emails a professionally formatted PDF of the minutes directly from the application to all participants. To meet the ISO requirements, he also saves a copy of the meeting minutes PDF on a special location on the Hospital’s network.

What started as a search to better document the outcome of the meeting, turned out to be a total meeting workflow solution. At the end of each meeting Joost creates a follow-up meeting and MeetingKing will automatically place the tasks from the previous meeting(s) onto the agenda of that new meeting. Now task tracking is “waterproof” and tasks do not drop of the radar anymore.

Another success story….

Writing meeting minutes with MeetingKing was so easy and fast, that Joost also decided to use it for the Netherlands Organization of Pathology Professionals where he was the chairman. This organization has 10 meetings per year and used to hire a secretary to write the minutes.

The cost of the secretary for time attending and documenting was $500 per meeting. Now the organization subscribes to MeetingKing and one person writes down the notes during the meeting and leaves all the work of creating, distributing and archiving the actual minutes to MeetingKing. A savings of 90%!

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