We all know meetings without minutes are useless, but the task of writing minutes is a chore that very few people enjoy – that is until now.

The new note taking in MeetingKing makes it easier than ever.

MeetingKing already offered a unique way of making notes and assigning tasks during your meetings, but we have taken it to a new level! It is much faster and more flexible.


  • Leave your hands on the keyboard, no need to use the mouse.
  • Set the item type (Topic, Subtopic, Note, Decision, Task) with a keyboard shortcut. You can do so at the beginning or at the end of creating the new item.
  • Change any item to a different type – you can now also change a subtopic to a topic and vice versa.
  • Insert a new item anywhere.

Give it a try

Turn on Free Form note taking (no worry, you can always switch back to classic).

select free form

After switching you will see the new interface, just like in MS Word or Google docs, you can change headings, titles etc in the main navigation.

free form interface

To take maximum advantage of this new page make sure to read the instructions.

You can change item type by:

  • Clicking Topic, Subtopic, Notes, Decision, Task in the bar at the top of notetaking area
  • Pressing Ctrl-Alt-1, Ctrl-Alt-2, etc.
  • Typing 2 letters at the beginning of a new line:
    • hh – topic
    • bb – subtopic
    • nn – note
    • dd – decision
    • tt – task
  • Use SHIFT-ENTER to create multi-line notes and decisions
  • Insert new item below an existing item by clicking enter at the end of the existing item, if you click enter at the beginning of an existing item it creates a new item above (just like Word).

Easy – Fast – Flexible.

Try it now and let us know what you think.

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