We have added some very useful features for our Multi-User Plan customers.

  1. The plan administrator can transfer all meetings and tasks from one member to another. This is especially helpful if someone leaves the company, so the person who takes over can see all history in his/her MeetingKing account. Simply select the persons who to transfer from and to and all meetings organized by person 1 and tasks owned by person 1 will be transferred to person 2. Only the administrator of a Multi User Plan can do this.
  2. The plan administrator can also transfer the administration function to another member of the Multi User plan. This will only change the administrator function, everything else will stay the same, including all members and the payment information. If the new administrator wants to update the payment information simply update that in My Account > Payment.

These Multi User Plan admin tools are available under My Account > Manage Multi Users.

Multi user admin page

Make sure you also check out the recently added ability to share agenda and minutes templates with members of your Multi User Plan!

Happy Meetings!

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