MeetingKing started as a tool to help the world get rid of bad meetings. Meetings are, however, not stand-alone activities. Meetings are part of managing your business or project and meetings lead to tasks.

Now you can easily manage your contacts, your projects and your business.

Matrix View To Manage Your Business

If you filter by project, the project title (and the number of members) is displayed at the top. Now the Meetings and Tasks pages and the Calendar view will only display those meetings and tasks that are part of that project.

If you want to know what your colleague “James Bond” has to do for the project, simply add his name and you see only the meetings and tasks for that project AND with James.

If you add a new meeting or new stand-alone task they will automatically become part of that project.

NOTE: In the Dashboard page the information is not filtered.

Watch the video to see it in action.


If your trial period is over and you want to give MeetingKing a new try, just contact us and ask for an extension! I feel confident you will like it.

Happy Meetings!

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