Are you using MeetingKing to have productive meetings? Do you use Asana, Trello, Wunderlist, Todoist or any other task application to make sure things get done? Now you can automatically export your meeting tasks to any of those apps using Zapier!

Want to export tasks to Salesforce? You can!
Want to be notified in Slack? No problem!
Want to make sure you don’t miss anything and add tasks to your Google Calendar? Consider it done!

With the Zapier integration you can automate workflows to copy tasks from MeetingKing to more than 1000 other web apps without any coding.

Here are a few ready to use Zaps, but you can of course also create your custom integration with the app of your choice.

More info in the MeetingKing help file at and at

Happy Meetings and Happy Tasking!

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