Cryptic title! How do these relate?

We have been in business for quite a few years and we can now predict a clear increase in new users twice a year: Early January and September.

In January we all have our good intentions and turning unproductive meetings into productive ones is one of them. It seems that many people during their summer vacation make up the balance of their jobs. What do they like? What can they improve? During this time, better meetings must be high on their list too. We can see two clear increases of new users during these periods.

There are other businesses that experience this pattern: gyms. After the winter holiday break, many people want to start a healthier life. During the summer, many conclude that their body does not look the same at the beach as it once did. So let’s join the gym and work on our body and improve our health.

Joining the gym is step one, but you still have to go to actually make it work!!

Improving your meetings with MeetingKing is similar, with one huge difference; it does not cost any time. It actually saves you time over using traditional means of Word, a separate task manager or a piece of paper.

MeetingKing does not only save you time in preparing the agenda and following up on meetings and tasks list, it actually makes your meetings more productive.

  • The agenda forces users to be prepared.
  • Taking notes, recording decisions and clearly defining tasks, forces participants to agree on issues.
  • A clear tasklist with updates on those tasks, is automatically added to the agenda of your new meeting. Nothing will ever fall through the cracks anymore.
  • An easy to search archive with a clear record of all your decisions, makes sure that you do not have to discuss issues over and over again, you can always find what was decided on what date.

Once you make using MeetingKing for your meetings a habit, there is no way back. To get you started we coach you with a series of brief email messages, and videos. The help file explains how to get the most out of MeetingKing and of course we are always here you personally help you!

Wait, there is another difference with the gym! MeetingKing does not make you sweat! Of course you can use your time savings to hit the gym to work up a sweat đŸ™‚ .

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