MeetingKing – A New Web-Based Workflow and Documentation Tool Increases Meeting Productivity

  • Helps Keep Meetings Short and Effective
  • Meeting Facilitation and Documentation Easier than Ever

February 16, 2012, Tolland, CT/PR Newswire/ Paracas Solutions, announced today the availability of MeetingKing, a revolutionary new web-based solution that changes how people prepare, manage and document in-person and remote meetings. MeetingKing replaces the need to use multiple solutions to compile and manage information before, during and after the meeting.  Instead of using a combination of email, Word and task management tools, MeetingKing offers one intuitive tool built around the natural workflow of meetings. The application captures and archives notes, tasks, and documents and automatically compiles and distributes meeting agendas, minutes and task reminders.

MeetingKing eliminates inefficient note taking and the risk of losing critical information or missing deadlines by capturing, distributing and managing meeting information and action items in real-time.  MeetingKing is a full service solution that enables users to communicate more effectively, collaborate, share documents and track progress on action items. MeetingKing creates a centralized, database for each meeting and offers the ability to link meetings.

Edwin Siebesma, Founder stated “MeetingKing is unique — because it offers a comprehensive solution for meeting facilitation and management. Being in business operations my entire career, I recognized the need for one, easy-to-use solution to combine meeting information and task management in one central location. We created MeetingKing to enhance the operational efficiency of meetings for businesses, schools, nonprofits, clubs and other organizations.”

Key Benefits of MeetingKing include:

  • Easily captures and archives every aspect of a meeting.
  • Automatically publishes and distributes professional meeting agendas, summaries, action items and more.
  • One streamlined integrated solution from meeting preparation to task follow-up.
  • Ability to take private and team notes and add comments before, during and after meetings.
  • Dashboard offers a quick overview of what needs to be done.
  • Action items are automatically added to new agendas in follow-up meetings.
  • Combine information from different meetings by using tags.
  • No forced adoption; already effective if only meeting organizer has an account.
  • Agendas and minutes can be easily published for public organizations, town meetings and clubs.

MeetingKing is free for attendees of any meeting, free to create private one-on-one meetings and free for organizing public meetings (towns, clubs, etc). A Pro account is required for larger private meetings. Special introduction offer is $9.95 per month, multi-user pricing and a 30 day trial are available.

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MeetingKing is developed and published by Paracas Solutions LLC, a privately held company in Connecticut. The founder of Paracas Solutions, Edwin Siebesma, has more than 15 years senior executive experience in both privately held companies as well as publicly traded multinationals. Most recently Edwin was president/CEO of WinZip.

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