Productive meetings result in tasks. Of course these tasks are useless unless you follow-up on them. Fortunately the new MeetingKing makes it very easy for you to manage your tasks.

  • Tasks from previous meetings are automatically added to your new agenda
  • See all tasks or filter by project, department and person
  • Add stand-alone tasks
  • Quickly see what is due in the next few days

Tasks in a series of meetings

The ability to link meetings (Follow-up meetings) has been one of the most popular features in MeetingKing and we have made it even better. When creating a follow-up meeting, MeetingKing will automatically add a list of tasks from your previous meeting(s) to the agenda of your new meeting.

Your follow-up meeting will show:

  • all incomplete tasks from your last meeting and the meetings before the last meeting
  • all tasks from previous meeting(s) that were completed since your last meeting

Overdue tasks will be in red on the agenda, and no-one wants to have his name next to a red task!

follow-up meeting

Complete task overview

When you a have a lot of tasks you may lose oversight. At times you need to see everything that is going on and at other times, just tasks related to a certain project, department or person. For example find all tasks that have to do with “marketing” for “project xyz” that you discussed with “Jason Bourne”. With MeetingKing you can filter with one click.

In the task overview tasks are presented in three columns:

  • Ideas (tasks without a due date)
  • To dos (green future due date, red overdue)
  • Completed

You can add comments and attachments to tasks, so you can even use MeetingKing to deliver your work.

Complete task management in MeetingKing

Stand alone tasks

In addition to creating tasks in meetings you can also create stand-alone tasks. So no need for a separate task manager, MeetingKing has you covered.

Easily create all your tasks in MeetingKing


The dashboard shows what is coming up in the next few days. It shows the meetings for the next 5 days, but also the tasks you have to do in the next 5 days (and the ones that are already overdue) and the tasks that others have to do for you in the next 5 days.

Another feature to help you get things done!

Quick see your tasks for the next few days

Meetings lead to tasks, and MeetingKing got you covered from agenda preparation to task completion!

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