Andrew Spanyi Process Improvement SpecialistI recently spoke with Andrew Spanyi on how MeetingKing can be used by process improvement professionals. Andrew has taught courses on process improvement and management at Babson College and is the author of three books and dozens of articles on operational leadership and performance improvement. Visit to learn more about Andrew.

When I asked Andrew why he thought MeetingKing would be a valuable resource for process improvement professionals, here is what he said.

Most organizations now have some kind of continuous improvement program in place and at any given point in time may launch several, or even dozens, of projects to improve operational performance. A process improvement professional may have the responsibility to facilitate two or more improvement projects.

Since the pace of business life is constantly accelerating, most process improvement projects are typically scheduled for weekly meetings of 2 to 3 hours and may go on for weeks and sometimes months. MeetingKing can be a valuable resource for process improvement professionals because of its functionality and ease of use. Facilitators can easily create a meeting agenda in MeetingKing, and email it (along with attachments) to participants. After each meeting, MeetingKing will save the facilitator a lot of time in preparing the meeting minutes and enable all participants to get a quick overview of assigned tasks (which can be grouped by To-dos and Completed tasks). Since MeetingKing can help to create and distribute the meeting minutes quickly and efficeintly, there is no delay in preparing these documents, and important details are not overlooked. This is not only a key feature; it also enables the same look and feel for all projects.

MeetingKing also helps the process improvement professional with multiple projects to find meeting items and tasks by person, project or department. MeetingKing’s follow-up meeting feature adds the tasks from previous meeting(s) automatically to the next meeting agenda, and thereby assures that nothing will fall through the cracks.

To sum it up, Andrew said, “MeetingKing can be a value resource for process improvement professionals. They will find that meeting participants will be better prepared for each meeting, and because of this their meetings will have more continuity, be more productive and effective.”

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