You can now create a meeting in MeetingKing using Outlook, Google Calendar or iCal. Just create a new meeting request in your preferred calendar application, add to the list of invitees and send the meeting request.

MeetingKing will create a new meeting space for you and add all invitees, the date, time and location. Within a minute the meeting will appear in the dashboards of all participants and the organizer will receive an email with a link to that meeting space.

Creating a new meeting in MeetingKing with your preferred calendar application has the following advantages:
-You can see the other participants? availability, if you have shared calendars
-No need to manually enter or copy email addresses and names into MeetingKing, since most of your contacts are already in your calendar application

If you already have a meeting scheduled in your calendar, simply add to the list of invitees and send the update, MeetingKing will do the rest.


Schedule and invite in Outlook

Complete a meeting request as you always do, just add to the list of invitees.
schedule meeting with Outlook

In about a minute the meeting will show up in the dashboard of all invitees.
dashboard showing meeting created with Outlook

When you open the meeting you will see that all information is automatically copied.
All information is imported in the logistics tab


Schedule and invite in Google Calendar

In Google calendar the process is the same. This is how it looks:
schedule meeting with Google calendar


schedule meeting with iCal

This is how it looks in iCal:
schedule meeting with iCal

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