success makes you happy and productiveDo you sometimes feel that you are just working and not accomplishing anything? New tasks and problems continue to come up, one task goes over into the next and there seems to be no end in sight.

I have been using a simple trick for me and my team, that helps us to get rid of that feeling and makes us feel successful and energized. It is really very simple and you can start using it immediately.

To be happy you need success and a sense of accomplishment. Just follow these steps and you and your team will feel a lot happier:

  • Clearly define a task
  • If the task is huge split it into smaller tasks
  • When a task is done, mark it complete
  • At the end of a period (day, week or month) look at your task list and see what you and your team accomplished
  • Give each other high-five and feel good about everything you accomplished

How MeetingKing can help

Words are nice, but an actual tool that makes it easy to implement this is even better. MeetingKing includes a very powerful task management tool and the following features will help you show your accomplishments and success.

Task overview

The task overview shows tasks in three sections: Ideas, (tasks without a due date), To dos and completed. The completed tasks column is of course not only to make you feel good, but also to see any comments and, if applicable, with a deliverable attached to it.

completed tasks give the feeling of success

Agenda in follow-up meetings

In a series of meetings your agenda starts with an overview of the tasks from previous meetings. One section with open tasks and one section with tasks completed since the last meeting. It is a great practice to start your meeting with an overview of what was completed. This will create that sense of accomplishment and success at the beginning of your meeting and will make everyone happy. The rest of the meeting will be much more productive!

start your meeting with completed tasks to create a sense of accomplishment

Log in now and start defining tasks, and see what you and your team accomplish!

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