If you are interested in having more productive meetings, you may want to read the following blog post on 99u.com on how to run meetings like apple and google.

Obviously each company has its own meeting culture, but the basic ingredients are the same for all productive meetings:

  • Have an agenda. Without an agenda your meeting will turn out to be a waste of time. Read more on how to write a meeting agenda.
  • Walk away with clear conclusions and define action items. Make sure decisions and tasks are clearly documented to prevent any misunderstandings and have a list to make sure things actually get done. More on writing minutes and managing meeting tasks.
  • End on time. This forces users to come to a conclusion and makes sure attendees can meet their other commitments.

As I mentioned in previous posts, running a good meeting is no rocket science, you just have to follow certain steps. MeetingKing makes it very easy for you to follow these steps.

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