Debbie Leven - Twitter post on meetings

This Tweet by Debbie Leven from PRCoach Blog caught our eye, just because it sums up so many meeting issues in less than 140 characters, which is no mean feat.

When you go to a meeting there HAS to be an agenda. Agendas are the focal point of the meeting. If the meeting has no agenda, then what you have is a set of loosely connected discussions, a stream-of-consciousness style of debate.

– “Have you seen that latest feature? It looks like Apple designed it!”
– “Apple? Really? Because I heard that their business model is based on advertising. Perhaps we should advertise as well?”
– “Advertising? What, like the latest Facebook ad about chairs? Maybe our company can be represented by Koala bears?”
– “Speaking of Australia, did you know….”

And so it goes on.

Agendas are a must. If you are the meeting organizer, write one. If you are a participant, demand one, and ask that it be sent to you in advance.

If there isn’t a meeting agenda, just say no!

Debbie Leven - Twitter about meetings

And yes, you need those too.

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