Task management in MeetingKing just became more powerful, any change that is made to a task will now be recorded and visible in the task activity log.

If you, or someone else who is authorized to edit a task, changes the task title, task owner, due date, any tags, adds a note or marks task complete, you can always find that change back in the task activity log.


task activity log

In addition, after the task owner makes a change to a task, the system will send an email notification to  the person who created the task and vice versa.

This is an example of an email message with a task change:

activity email

Take advantage of the comment feature

In the same section as the activity log you can add comments to a task. You can ask for or provide updates and you can even attach files. The big advantage is that all information regarding a task, and its possible deliverables, are right there in MeetingKing, not only in your task list, but also in the agenda of a follow-up meeting. So if you need to prepare a budget, a new logo or some other document, add it to a comment of the task and is no need to collect that information separately before the meeting. MeetingKing provides it all to you.

Please note you can also comment by simply responding to a task email message.

adding comment to task

Log in now and try for yourself.

Happy tasking!

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