Our developers have worked hard on a great new functionality to help you manage your business beyond your meetings.

If you manage an organization and work on various projects and with different departments, you can now easily share and collaborate on any task with your project teams or departments. And when you create a new meeting and involve your project team and/or department, all members of those teams will be added to the meeting.

Easy sharing, easy collaboration and less typing.

Creating a project or department is easy:

create new department MeetingKing

When you are in a view of a project and you create a new task, that task is visible to all project members. Here I am working in the project “opening restaurant Amsterdam” and issues that affect the marketing. All tasks I create here are visible to the members of the project team to open the new restaurant and all members of the marketing team. As always you can of course drill down further and add a contact filter and see what Jason has to do for this.

managing projects and departments in meetingking

You can define as many projects and departments as you like and you can make all kind of combinations. This gives you flexibility that does not exist in other project management and task management tools. The possibilities are endless.

Log in now to try for yourself or watch the video in the helpfile. A few minutes of this video will save you hours of work!

If you would like to get help to set this up for your organization, please contact us and we can get you started.

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