If you work in an organization it is great to standardize certain meetings and information. Sharing meeting templates is a great way to do this.

You can create standard meeting templates for your organization for:

  • Team meetings
  • Personnel reviews
  • Store/restaurant manager meetings if you run a retail operation
  • Job candidate interview
  • etc.

You can also include notes with instructions or standard questions in your meeting templates and even tasks for a standard checklist.

How to share meeting templates?

  1. Create a new meeting and name the meeting “Standard template <template_Name>, please save” (This is not neceassary as the name is not really important, but it just helps)
  2. Add all the people you would like to share this meeting template with to the list of participants
  3. Create your meeting template or load the one you want to share
  4. Email the meeting and add in the note of the email message the instructions for all receivers on how to save this meeting template.
  5. Next everyone simply saves the template in the list of his/her custom templates.

Create new meeting to share meeting template

email meeting template to share

save your shared meeting template

Give custom meeting template name

You could use this text:
Please save the meeting as a custom template.
1. Open meeting in MeetingKing
2. Click templates icon at the top of the page and select “Save Template”
3. Name the template <Some_Template_Name>

For your next <Type_Of_Meeting> please use this template.

More information on meeting templates is in the help file.

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