Stress is often associated with working hard and long hours, yet some manual laborers work many hours but don?t seem to suffer from stress. So what causes stress?

I once read: ?You don?t get stress from the work you do, you get stress from the work you don?t do?. This made me think and it is true; if I leave work after 8 hours while I still have to finish some projects, I am thinking about the work  I did not do. However if I have a long 12 hour day, but I finish everything that needed to be finished, I feel relaxed and satisfied. I enjoy my evening and will be recharged the next day.

To reduce our stress levels it is important to simply finish our work.  A short term solution could be to put in more hours, but that is not sustainable and once you put in regular 10 hours days, those will easily turn into 11 hour days, which will turn into 12 hour days etc.

The key to finishing your work (and therefore reducing your stress levels), is to have a good grasp of the work that needs to be done. Make sure you have a total overview of everything that has to be finished today and in the next few days. This overview should not only include the work you have to do, but also tasks you assigned to others. Only when you have this clear overview you can set priorities and better schedule or even decline new work.

A proper task management system will help to:

  • give you the required overview (both for your tasks as well as the tasks others have to do for you)
  • send reminders when action items are due
  • provide a sense of accomplishment if you can see what you and your team did

We know that we are supposed to make notes and write down tasks, but in most cases we don?t. MeetingKing can help by it easy. You create tasks during your meeting, conversation or phone call right in the same document where you can make notes. Other meeting participants do not need to have a MeetingKing account, they will receive an email with tasks assigned to them and you have their tasks in your dashboard. Of course you can also send them the minutes after the call or meeting.

Be in control, get things done, and your stress will be gone. Sign-in to MeetingKing now.

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