Efficient people do not work harder, they work smarter. Working smart starts with having a clear overview of what needs to be done.

The new dashboard in MeetingKing gives you a clear overview so you can work smarter.

You can quickly see what needs to be done:

  • today
  • tomorrow
  • and what is overdue

Information is organized by:

  • tasks you have to do
  • tasks others have to do for you
  • meetings

Work smarter with the MeetingKing dashboard

By default it shows all tasks and meetings, and just as for the meetings and tasks pages, you can easily zoom in on one project or person.

Filter tasks and meetings by project and contact

In addition you can quickly add additional tasks for yourself and others. MeetingKing will automatically set the appropriate due date, assign the task and, if applicable, add it to the appropriate project or department.

How to activate the dashboard

To activate your dashboard go to My Account > Preferences (https://accounts.meetingking.com/settings/preferences) and check the “Dashboard active” checkbox.

activate dashboard in MeetingKing

Being productive is not about the hours you spend behind your desk, it is about the work you complete. MeetingKing makes it easy.

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