I can hear you groaning all ready. ‘What’, you say, ‘it’s not bad enough I have one meeting, I have to set up the next meeting straight away?’

The answer is ‘Yes’.

It’s quite simple, really. Meetings are NOT there to slow you down, or to make the person who called the meeting feel warm and fuzzy inside. Meetings are there to help you make decisions about your business – a new feature, a bold marketing campaign, even a new employee. Decisions usually create tasks (I mean, SOMEONE has to make sure to invite that promising young developer back, right?), and tasks need to be completed.

Remember? Meetings are there to drive your business forwards. Meetings are there to get things done. Follow up meetings ensure that things get done, and that you keep track of them. For example, you decided to run a Google Adwords campaign. The task of creating a campaign fell to the CMO. A week later, for the follow-up meeting, he not only has to complete the task, but also come with a preliminary recommendation – are Google Adwords the way to go? Are there new decisions to be made? Do more tasks need to be completed?

A follow-up meeting is both a carrot and a stick, having one will make sure things don’t fall through the cracks, but being able to see what was done also gives a great sense of accomplishment. A follow-up meeting will improve your company culture.

And that’s how meetings, and follow-up meetings drive your business forwards.

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