Hurray, another feature to help you have better meetings – with less work:

Automatic two way syncing with Google Calendar

After activation, all your events in Google Calendar will show up in your MeetingKing calendar and clicking any of those events will automatically create an agenda and notes page for that event. MeetingKing will copy the title, list of participants, date, time and location. All you have to do is prepare your agenda (make sure you use templates) and write your notes!

MeetingKing calendar view synced with google calendar

The integration also works the other direction. Any meeting in MeetingKing will automatically be added to your Google Calendar. You will always be optimally informed, so you and your team can be prepared for your next meeting.


To activate the integration with Google Calendar, click the Google button on the calendar page or go to My Account and select the Google Calendar tab. Next you click the “Connect” button. You can always disconnect again.

activate Google Calendar integration

The Google Calendar integration is a Pro feature. Upgrade now and save more time.

More power with a few clicks! Let us know what you think.

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